Strats ArcheAge Guild Roster



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Use this post to add your ArcheAge name and any alternate character names. This will allow other members of Strats and any potential members to see who is actively playing.It will also help us keep each other straight. :smirk:

Please use the following formula:

Strats User Name
Primary Character Name
Alt Character Name

Please handle discussion/questions regarding this list in the discussion thread.


  • Primary: Boomba
  • Alt: Boombalicious


  • Primary: Onvo
  • Alt: Walrusa


  • Primary: Huntersknoll


  • Primary: Majordomo
  • Alt: Orama


  • Primary: Zymora
  • Alt: Zexxx


  • Primary: Erku
  • Alt: Physlabor


  • Primary: Wheatums
  • Alt: Hansolo


  • Primary Klit
  • Alt Clit


  • Primary Thaimaishu
  • Alt Wayward

@RottynDawg (Kelly)

  • Primary: Morigu
  • Alt: N/A

Glock29 (Mark)

  • Primary: Glocktwentynine

  • Alt: Hecklerkoch

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