Strats Blizzard Weekend

What’s up Blizznerds!

I’m on a Blizzard kick. Let’s play some Blizz games over the weekend starting Thursday, the 12th. I’m on my Mag’har Orc grind in World of Warcraft but I’m down to play some other stuff as well.

New Discord Game Ranks

We’ve added some new ranks that you can join in order to get updates when fellow strategists are playing something. The relevant ones here are:

  • $rank diablo
  • $rank hots
  • $rank ow
  • $rank wow

Throw those into a chat and you’ll be added to the #blizznerds channel and associated voice channels. I’ll ping them over the weekend to start something up.


While I’m game to get into a little OW action (and maybe Diablo too), seems I ran into a hiccup trying to add the roles.

Posting in Gaming directs me to #blizznerds or #ai:

#Blizznerds is restricted chat to me, so popping the role command into #ai:

No joy. Was it something I said?

It’s because you didn’t welcome it to the server.


Sorry, fixed the role commands