Strats Calendar Feature Requests

Good morning Strategists,

@therubymug and I are working on an events system and calendar display where you’ll be able to post raid groups and LFG get-togethers and stuff. These posts will be integrated into the forum as well as a calendar view where you can easily see what goes where.

I wanted to post a quick ping to you guys to see if there were any specific feature requests that I may not have thought of.


I realize that this might have future revisions, is there any consideration to adding the ability to sync the calendar to our smart phones by the use of an iCal file or something, in phase one?

Calendar is a great idea! I think it would be really handy to keep people notified when there are Strats events, group raids, and game release dates.

Is there a way to rig it so you can mark certain events to send you an inbox message say… the day of or a few hours before?

Also, I wanted to point out. Did you guys change User Card backgrounds? It looks really slick.

Excited for this. Would be really useful and a great tool to pitch for recruiting.

@tommy2118, if we find a ruby gem that easily does that it might be in there for release. Seems like something that would have a library already.

@Nubhugs yes the profiles have a few more features now. Play around with it.

Is it possible to have different sections of the calender, say for each tab we have in the forums?

The goal is to highlight the categories in the same way they are here on the forum.