Strats City In Minecraft



We could create a huge city in the Strats Minecraft Server, made by everyone in the Strats Community and do streams/videos about it :smile:


You mean like this?


Oh yes, I saw that somewhere. We seriously need to do this someday or right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Edit, can you guys show me where this is being held at in the server?


If you’ve looked at the plugins we’re using, all the information you need to get out to Stratsopolis is in that thread :wink:


Do we have multiple servers or just one?




Just got on, so I pick whatever build I would like to get started on?


Sorry, I’m in a meeting right now, so I don’t have time to go into detail; every question you’ve had so far though is answered in the threads (either the primary MC thread or the Stratsopilos thread).


Ok thanks! I’ll look for something I don’t build often. Probably looking for a building that will amaze myself xD


Is there a way to join this in the Windows 10 beta version?


Your OS shouldn’t cause any issues joining the server :wink:


Well the windows 10 version of minecraft features this new “realms” thing that confuses me.


Realms had been implemented in the 1.7 Beta Versions I think. Ignore the realms and add the server like you always do xD. Or does Windows 10 have a completely new layout.


From what I can tell the Windows 10 beta version of minecraft has a new layout. It’s like the console layout I think. It sucks I want to go back, just don’t know if I can


“Go back” as in for downgrade back to your original system and play regular Minecraft there? Or a way to play regular Minecraft in Windows 10?


@ThatDoomThough the windows 10 beta edition of minecraft doesn’t work with the server. You have to get the regular version of minecraft if you want to play on the server. You can get Minecraft here.


And I’m not whitelisted…pwned :stuck_out_tongue:



I wish more people would play on the server there’s only like a handful of people that go on and Freshie 44 is like the only person that builds on it just saying :stuck_out_tongue:


@BillyTheGuardian I just got on the server last night, not sure how often I’ll be on but we should try to bring it back :smiley: