Strats & Co. Albion Online Alliance - Guild Registry



Strats & Co. is the official Albion Online alliance lead by our flagship guild Strats. If you currently lead a guild and you’re interested in taking advantage of our community, services, and events, please register below.

Register Your Guild


As a member of the alliance, you and your guild receives access to:


  • Your Leadership and Officers must have Strats forum accounts.
  • Communication with the Alliance members will happen via our Mumble or this forum.
  • Your guild must adhere to and respect our rules when using our services.


Reply to this post with the following:

  • Guild Name
  • Guild Lead Contact (Your Strats username and Albion in-game username)
  • Guild Focus (PvE, PvP, Crafting)
  • Primary Timezone

All other posts with questions or comments should be started as new threads.

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