Change Log

This thread will be updated regularly with work done across all of the services team Strats maintains. That includes these forums but also stuff like Discord bot changes, Patreon API changes, mini-sites, advertising, etc.

How do I comment on these updates?

Instead of replying directly on this thread, follow these steps to start a new topic. It will likely go in the #strats category. If it’s specific to reporting #strats:bugs or proposing a change for the community to #strats:vote on, please put it there.

  1. Under the post you want to reference, find the link icon:

  2. Select +New Topic under the URL and you’ll open up a window to type out your thread.

  • Cleaned up and rewrote the “Welcome to Strats” read this first globally pinned thread:
  • Cleaned up and rewrote the new user PM to be much shorter and more helpful. Eventually this will move into a guided help system that’s much smarter.

  • Edited some of the category descriptions to better reflect what they’re being used for (and sync with Discord titles).

  • Strats Dark theme:

  • Set up Stratspromptu bot in Discord since the Impromp2 public bot kept going down and resetting our config

    • Use !create [name] to create a temporary channel.
    • If 2 or more people are playing the same game, a temporary channel will be created automatically.
  • Improvements to StratsBot webhook to post forum threads a bit nicer

  • Set up Screenshot Saturday post cadence

  • Marketing efforts for the ESO guild are underway

  • Marketing efforts for the upcoming Destiny 2 clan are underway


  • Changed the Patreon cycle so that new patrons can start immediately rather than having to wait until the 1st of the month to be billed and get their rewards.

  • Added the Props category thanks to @Philspaz’s suggestion:


  • Created the #basement category for far-off-topic shenanigans

  • Set #nsfw-basement in Discord to be NSFW (this is a feature that Discord added).

  • Refined the number of votes that various Strats levels get to vote on #strats:suggestions. This is in an effort to make the votes a bit more thoughtful (having fewer votes). We will continue to adjust this as participation and suggestion count fluctuate.

@therubymug @tommy2118

  • Started working on making Bridge a fully-fledged SSO provider.