Strats Co circle

There is a StratsCo circle now active. Please message me ingame for invite. I want all SratsCo members to be a part of this, and I want everyone to have inviting privileges. I will keep up with the forums as well to see if anyone needs anything.


I am also trying to send out friend invites to the Strats Co memebers, since we can not add folks to a circle unless they are online.

I am trying to keep the Strats Co circle going, but I have only had 2 people accept the circle request, and one of them quit. I am getting the feeling that the circle may not be worth it. I am happy to hand leadership of this circle to anyone who wants it. I was really hoping to keep folks together, hopefullly we can all still run together somehow. IF anyone wants leadership of the circle, let me know.
See you in game.

Doesn’t seem like Wildstar is holding many people’s interest right now. =/

I hate to say but, ATM we have more people in the Wildstar Strats guild than their dev team.