Strats.Co Destiny 2 Clan - Information & Status


#1 is playing Destiny 2 and so should you. If you are, join the clan and be one with the light.


How to get that fat light you need

  1. Sign up on the forum

  2. Join Discord

  3. Link the two accounts

  4. Join the Destiny clan

  5. Get that light

_See our recruitment post on the official forum here (and give it an upvote), then throw love to our Fireteams posts.

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Hey guys I'm back for Destiny 2!

I will be impatiently waiting for the PC release.

I had to watch a streamer finish the story today just to satisfy my desires.


Yes but PC.


I’m gonna be playing on both platforms. I know enough people on both platforms to make it worth leveling several characters.


I hope we find another loot cave.


I will be on playing at midnight! I am in a different clan for the PS4 though since the Strats clan fell apart in the first game i joined with some of the guys who used to be in the Strats clan to play on console. but we can still play together! :smile:


Im updating now! Super excited!

Sent a request to join!




Well, I played for a few hours last night. I’m level 6 now, and got my first heroic public event completed. Absolutely loving it right now.

Also saw two of you submitted a req to join the clan. I’ve accepted you. This clan will work for all PC/PS4/XB1 users so don’t worry about which platform.


Haha! Such memories.

@nvs_1 I’ll submit to join when I get back home tomorrow.


It’s going to be a long seven weeks.


Got drunk last night, woke up this morning to an installed copy of Destiny 2 on my PS4. FML, guess I’m going to have multiple copies of this game too :expressionless:

EDIT: @NVS_1 just sent my request… Such “late to the game”.



Can you send me the correct Destiny clan join link?

Edit: never mind I’m an idiot and have no interweb ability.


Ok, request sent. Thanks for setting that up.


You’re all set :slight_smile:


Thank you sir.


Request sent.


You’re all set :slight_smile:


request re-sent