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Sent my request for PC.


All set!


Yessss @dontcallmejames!


Blame @Wayward. I think he was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back in my decision to play. I’m glad I did. This game is so much more fun on pc than on console. It just feels so right


I certainly agree. I am having more fun with Destiny 2 on PC than I did with the original game on PS4.

I already enjoyed Destiny PvP more than most other shooters. It is a whole lot of fun on PC.



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RIP Strats Snek

All hail Strats Snek

Yeah Strats Snek will have to live on in our hearts.


No step on snek.




Need the friends list link so the new people can add theirs too!


Hello Destiny Clannies: We have 95ish members. The cap is 100. Should we purge a few of the people who have not really engaged here and then do another round of recruitment?


Bit tough to gauge not engagedness considering the game’s still pretty new, but I’d say yeah, if someone hasn’t partaken in team activities in say, a week or two I’d vote to let them go so as to always have a 5-10 member breathing room. There might be people just in it for the clan rewards, and if that’s the case I say there’s plenty of clans out there they can get them from.


I think we should start looking to see. We should make a notice that we’re going to be looking for activity in the Destiny group try to inform people and explain why we’re looking to do this. Give people a bit before we start cutting.


I believe @Vocino is referring to people who have not bothered to visit, read or post on the forums, as well as people who joined the clan yet don’t even bother to chat on Discord.

I prefer to play solo rather than partake in team activities yet I generally meet the personal clan XP contribution. Should I be removed?

Looking over the clan roster I see we have about 7 members who play on PS4. I find it hard to believe that we have 80+ PC people who are active. Maybe they choose to be solo like myself.


Problem is that I don’t really see a schedule for nightfalls, raids, or PVP. I also see very few people say they want to do those activities.

Granted the raid can be a pain in the butt from what I saw on the video, and this weeks nightfall has some nasty negative side effects as well. So that can be why there aren’t nearly as many people wanting to take part this week at least.


Well, that’s another way of looking at things. From my point of view, ingame activity within the clan is much more important than activity outside of the game in stuff that isn’t directly related to playing, such as discord or the forums. I mean, both are important for a clan’s health, but one is more pertinent, I think. At any rate, no, I don’t think you should be removed, and I think it’s highly possible there’s other people within the clan who have done much less contribution to it (as you say, personal contributions are still contributions), and in the end it’s a decision I trust the mods to exercise.

Yeah, it’s probably hard to gauge. But the schedule-bot seemed to work fine when they were testing it out and we’ll (hopefully) probably be able to make use of it in the near future. Again, I don’t think this round of layoffs will come to that, just speaking my mind.


I think the biggest thing is not so much people who aren’t playing with each other, the first step we need to take is find people who are not joining us in discord, forums or playing with anyone. We certainly have some solo players who are doing nothing exceptt for playing with their own groups, lfging elsewhere and not interacting with the clan as a whole. That is our target.

If @Ottomic and @teh_ninjaneer want to play solo that’s fine with me. You guys still engage us on the forums, on discord. Cool with me.

We’re all about growing the community and finding new friends. Up to you if you want to play with each other (we’d love it though!)


Great feedback everyone! Thanks. I am going to get on top of an event schedule that people can hang their helmets on if they so choose. Although to @teh_ninjaneer’s point, I think soloing is perfectly cool. It’s more about being engaged with everyone in some way or another.


I tend to play solo as well…though i have played with some of you at some point…but i do do my clan exp contribution each week and have been around here forever :wink: