Strats.Co Destiny 2 Clan - Information & Status



I don’t think clan xp is the right metric. That kind of sucks. It’s more just a simple “we are full so if we don’t know you, maybe we can get someone that wants to get to know us.”


I think that’s a good mentality to look at it from, honestly. We aren’t recruiting hard enough to justify more than one clan, so maximizing the one we have is ideal, I think. @Droul, proper Strategists (forum and/or Discord users) won’t be getting the ax; this is more about pruning those that have joined the clan and aren’t playing with the clan in-game or participating in the community, in an effort to make room for folks that want to :wink:



Hah, stocking up I see


I joined the clan. I’ve only seen one other member online and that’s usually just when I’m about to logoff and go to bed.

I notice it says to get Discord. What is that used for?

With the new D2 milestone system I have been going to the Crucible even though it’s not my favorite thing to do. I do think it might be more fun to go with 4 clam members and be able to chat as opposed to playing with 3 silent strangers. Are there clan members who like the Crucible?

I play a lot with a friend and I’m encouraging him to join the clan but D2 really wants you to do things in groups of 3, 4 or 6 so hopefully there will be clam members who want to do strikes as well as even harder stuff.


Hey bud, I just checked and it looks like you’ve joined in on PS4? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Although we do have a PS4 presence, the clan is pretty well 90% PC. I have both PC and PS4 and haven’t logged in on PS4 for a month now… that was partly due to a broken thumb as well, but still lol.

So that said, I know we have some members who enjoy the crucible (I’m one of them), however I believe most of us are focused on PC at the moment. That also likely explains why you’re not seeing many people on. I think we have less than 10 people on PS4 in the clan, and the rest are PC.

Joining a clan is a great way to gain access to additional rewards in Destiny, as well as finding other players to game with. That said, as our footprint on PS4 is fairly small at the moment, I complete understand if you end up looking elsewhere, however keep in mind we’re a welcoming community here. Whether or not you actually stay in the clan, we’d love to have you kick back and join us here in the forums, or the discord.

Now about discord; since you asked. It’s a chat program on the PC that allows you to hop into various channels and chat with other Strats members, or if you’d like you can hop into a Voice channel and chat. We tend to use our voice channels when gaming with one another for easier communication.

Looks kind of like this

Again, we’re more than happy to have you stick around regardless of where you end up with Destiny 2 :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thanks for the quick response.

I assume that although the entire clan can be seen on the webpage the people I can see on PS4 are the only ones who are playing on PS4?

I assume also that if I am playing on PS4 I don’t need Discord since we can chat via the PS Network?



I haven’t tried it myself, but because the friends list for PS4 is on the PSN network and the friends / clan list on PC is handled by the BNet network, that it’s probably safe to assume that the people you see online are only on PS4.

That aside, although you play on PS4 and technically may not have a use for voice on Discord, we still use Discord for much more. We chat on there through the day about other games, new gear, or just anything else that might come to mind. So by no means is it a requirement, we would love to have you become an active member either on forums or in discord :slight_smile:

We have a few active members here that barely game anymore, or if they do, they play primarily single player games but they still hang out with us :slight_smile:

The more people the merrier!