faceit tourny stream! (cs:go)


As we are all aware of is forming a cs :go team and we are all on at the moment playing in a tournament for points! If you guys would like to watch the twitch of us here is the link to our tournament as one of our players is streaming :smiley:
Thanks for the support, and hope to see you guys watching! Esports!


I’m not seeing the link…


Let us know how you guys do!



@gambleR, what’s the best way for us to support you guys? Can we cheer you on somewhere? Jump in a twitch channel?



Haven’t really thought much about that, just for one player at a time, not to big in to twitch as I just am now starting to get into it more as I see it. Does twitch have a way that we can play and everyone can see the team play as a team different players on the team? if that makes sense. I am currently getting a set roster of 6-8 people who would need to sign forums, and twitch team, any ideas we are up for them all, as we do what we need to do for strats and to get popular, we will follow the lead:D?


@Dynamible We did alright, lost our third match and got kicked out came in 3rd. We did good for a last minute team mixup though!. Season is starting in a month so hopefully we can get things rolling with twitch and setups before season so we can all get to show how well we do in upcoming season for money prizes, and more.


Great job guys! I can’t wait to see what you guys can do.


There’s a spectate mode in CS:GO, isn’t there? We could stream the spectated matches on the StratsCo twitch channel and promote it maybe.


@vocino ill start posting hltv info then? and you stream for us? that sounds amazing honestly. i didnt even use my head on that part.!