for phones?


Do we have an app or is there a way to intergrate our forums with something like Tapatalk?

PS4 System Update Sept 30

We don’t presently have an app and I don’t believe we’re looking to integrate into one; one of the major reasons we use Discourse for our forums is because it functions identically in smartphone browsers as it does on a computer, mostly removing the need for any sort of app at this point :wink:


Can confirm works pretty good. Missing functionality to auto-complete :beard:, so technically the mobile version is complete trash.


As @Auth said Strats: Forum is pretty mobile-friendly and Command, even in v0.1.0, is just as mobile friendly, if not more so.


A solution for you if you’re looking for something more readily accessible (even moreso than bookmarking it on your phone and reopening the browser) you can set icons on your homescreens for your phones so that you may access them like you would any other app.

For Android

For iPhone


^protip! This is what I do. I point it to