"Strats.Co Plays" live stream thread


Strats.co Plays Live Streams

Hello my dudes and dudettes.

This is an idea I’ve been mulling lately and I believe I’m ready to pull the trigger on. I want Strats to grow in the live streaming scene, and this is a fun way of promoting the community.

1. Availability

First we need to get a general availability schedule from all of those that want to participate in the “Strats.co Plays” live streams (SCP), this will let us schedule these live streams in advance so viewers know when to tune in. If we just randomly start streaming we will have a harder time getting an initial viewer count on the streams.
My availability is basically Sun-Thu 9PM-Midnight, and Fri-SAT 9PM-2AM EST. I am willing to try and be on a bit later or a bit earlier if we have a good amount of Strategists confirmed to be on to play.

2. What games to play

This is where we come up with ideas of games to play. I don’t think we want to play super-competitive games since I want these SCP streams to be fun and relaxing instead of rage fests in a salt mine. Probably PvP games in general might not be a great idea. Or we can even make a second live stream series called Strats.co PvPs.
For this point we also need to get an idea of what games we all own because if someone doesn’t own a game we want to play, well that makes it a bit difficult for that Strategist to participate.

3. The actual streaming part of the live stream.

This point is one I’m not sure about what I want. If we have enough Strategists affiliated with Twitch, we can cycle who live streams the SCP and everyone else + the Strats team channel can host that person. That way all streamers can benefit from it.
The other option is to just stream it directly on the Strats.co team channel.

4. Spread those Sheets


Let me know what I might be missing, or any other ideas you might have on the above points.


Awesome idea! I’m all for getting in-game with some fellow Strategists and having a good time.

My suggestion/idea is to start up a Google Docs spreadsheet so that we can list what our playing times are and any relevant information (Battlenet tags, Steam tags, game preferences, etc.)


I think this is a great idea. A google docs as @Derangedtaco suggested would probably be a good start too.


I think there would be a place for PvP games as long as we aren’t trying to be competitive.
Strat Roulette could make for a good stream.


There could very well be a place. I just want to avoid people quitting after a few bad games. If we are going to commit to streaming for… say… 2 hours, I want everyone involved to be on for the full 2 hours.


I added the spreadsheet as list item number 4 on the main post. Please add your name and availability to the first tab, and feel free to add any games or launchers that currently are not on the games tab. Of course, color green the cells for the games that yo do own.


As a reference for the streams, I’ll point you to the old GoI days we used to do here.


What time zone is this in?


Updated spreadsheet to reflect eastern time zone


Added myself to it


Looking good so far. Any more games suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Even if you don’t want to participate in the live streams, I want to hear from you about what games you think would be fun to watch us play.


i would love to be involved with this. moving my streaming schedule around i might be able to fill the mid day evening void, with it being tuesday - saturday 3pm mtn to 7mtn.


Well, this is something we want to be on at the same time for, or if we have enough Strategists available at the same time as you then we can have 2 time slots going.


@Derangedtaco @NVS_1 @Vocino

Wanna try and get something going this Sat at midnight (Sun 12AM EST)?


I’d be interested in this, however this weekend I’m due to be out of town for a hockey tournament, sorry!