Strats: Command -- Feature Ideas


With the holidays behind us now we are getting back into our production groove on Strats: Command. I wanted to take a moment and reach out to the community and ask for your help. We want to make sure we are always working on something that is relevant and that will add value to the experience. It can be difficult a times to gauge that when you are right on top of it.

So, Take a look at Command and let me know that you think. Let me know what you would add if you were driving the project. If you think it adds value to gamers and gaming content creators let me know. Thanks in advance.


I still have never been allowed to sign in. So I would like that feature to be added. I’m not sure if you have to whitelist me, or take me off the blacklist, but whatever it is, I humbly request it be done. :slight_smile:


Same here. I registered, I think? But beyond that, nothing lol.


Yeah I guess I still need to recruit 5 people before I’m allowed to use it too.


I thought we didn’t have to recruit anyone until later the road. I could be wrong though. I thought we just needed to ask for now. Though it also shows I need to recruit 5 as well.


Let me look into it.


I really like the username reservation website, and the guys I recruited from DoD Foxtrot are also psyched, but that’s as far as I ever got. So what little I’ve seen, has been solid.