Strats: Command v0.3.0 (Classy Chun-Li)



The viral sign up flow was essential to our initial growth and ability to protect the early stages of development from too much adoption early on. Now that it’s out, we are back to pushing really hard of core feature development.


  • Audience graphing: users should be able to graph their audience data and visualize it. Play with the data, time scales, and resolution.

  • Understanding intelligence points: this is where Audience really gets powerful. When I can understand that I performed Action a and as a result I gained x followers I can then start tailoring my actions to what is most effective.

  • Home page improvements: we really need to communicate what Command is and how we’re going to get there.

Things to test

Since the sign up flow is live (or will be very shortly after this post).

Version history

Audience graphing for Strats: Command
Audience graphing for Strats: Command

Hey Strats Commanders, 0.3.0, Classy Chun-Li, is live. This is really the first iteration where we are utilizing data in a more meaningful way. Here’s an example graph:

This graph is plotting the number of times I’ve tweeted (blue line) vs. the number of Twitch followers I’ve gained (purple bars).

Now that we have a decent graphing framework in place, we can start adding a lot more data. We had some big ideas for data to graph in this release but the various APIs (mainly Twitch) didn’t want to play nice.

That means we’ll have to figure out other ways to get what we want.

Overall, I think we are stepping in the right direction for offering real value to our content creators.

What should we build in 0.4.0? We’re thinking of moving on more Team functionality.

PS: We are now opening the door to more early adopters. If you’re a regular here, see the thread I’m about to post in the Lounge.