Strats Conan: Exiles server



#Welcome to the Strats Conan: Exiles server
brought to you by @senNish

##Server name

ask someone or @senNish can post it here if he likes

#Base Location

There are two large Egyptian looking statues at our base. Directly in front of the statue on the south side of the river there is a community house. You will find a large burning pit surrounded by skulls in front of it. This is the community base. Anything in the crafting station, chests, camp fire, pit of yog here is fair game.

All of the other houses are Strats members personal houses. Please do not take anything from these houses or use the bed rolls inside these houses unless you ask permission.

Let’s not steal from each other

#The clan (Tunnel Snakes)
In order to use any of the clan’s stuff you will need an invite. Currently @senNish is the only one who can invite to the clan so you will have to wait until he is online.

Have fun

I need weapons and armor in Conan Exiles!

Now that we have a server (thanks @senNish) and are off to a start with our sandstone town, it’s time to request some gear!

I am level 8 or 9 and I’ve been spending my skill points on mostly structure building. I can craft better torches, all the sandstone walls and foundation. I have placed several (20 maybe?) sandstone foundations in the chest for anyone who needs to build a floor.

Hopefully others will work on items such as weapons and armor. The crocs and even the ostrich-thing beat me up this morning. Really need some upgrades.

I have no problem mainly building stone structure pieces if others want to do the killing. Maybe I can join you on a hunt and do all the gathering.

Will anyone step up to the task of crafting weapons and armor?


I’m working on weapons and I believe @senNish is doing armor


@senNish is awesome.


I’ve seen heated discussion on if this is nearly the same as ARK without the heavy Dino taming slant. For those of you actually playing this and have played ARK, Is it really that different to justify the dough?


For some reason I feel more attached to this game world than ARK. Maybe because there is already a story to go along with this game, where ARK just dropped you in the middle of dinos and lasers.

At the moment I’m enjoying this much more than ARK, even though they are about 70-80% the same game.


This was one of the first things I said when I first saw it. You can’t deny it is similar to Ark. It just feels different. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s a story like ninjaneer said or maybe it’s the better graphics. I don’t know.

It’s not a must have game. It is a good game for the price and it’s fun to play with Strats friends.

I would say if you are not hurting for cash it’s worth a try.


Also @senNish since I went out and got half of the iron bars to make the carpenter’s table would you make me a iron pickaxe?

I’m thinking the best way to get more iron is to go out in a mining party. Have the miners, the protectors, the food and water carriers etc and we should be able to get quite a bit. I don’t recommend venturing out alone to get it. I was able to but I had a hell of a time doing it.

I have drill this weekend so I will not be able to play until Sunday night.


wtf we have iron already?

I’m a little behind.


Yeah I went on an expedition last night and got 40 some bars


Do we have some sort of list of people who are making certain things? Is there a gap that I should focus on?


Not really, most people have just started learning everything cause they don’t want to wait until people are online to get it. @senNish can make the most right now I believe.


We need to set up some ground rules.

There is a community base right in front of the statue where the yog shrine is. Everything in that community house is fair game. Stuff that people have in stations or boxes in their personal houses is off limits unless you ask permission.


i’m not sure which one is the community one lol. Little bit behind the rest of you. I’ll figure it out though


There is a huge Egyptian looking statue on the south end of our town. There is a house there right next to the big burning fire altar with skulls all around it. There is a sign on it that says armory


gotcha, thanks. I was just avoiding everything assuming it belonged to someone



@senNish you may have to increase the frequency of the restarts. the server is acting a little nuts again this morning and not allowing us to connect.


Yeah. Maybe allow someone else you trust to do manuals restarts.

I can also provide an auto restart script if needed.


Server should be working now.