Strats Corp outfit badge



Fearless leader @Zontago, what badge do you like? What do the rest of you guys like? I will buy it.


My favorite TR badge is the knife in the back. It comes so natural to them. That or the hammer and sickle badge. Both are fitting. But if I had to seriously pick one from the list, the choice is obviously the poodle.


7th from the top…grim reaper is awesome.


Yip I’m thinking the poodle!


can we save the poodle for when @Nubhugs loses friday? he can cry into it’s fur. <3


10th one down kind of goes with the strats colors, but honestly I’m inclined to just let everyone vote if thats possible.


Can’t a pole be made on the forum easier way to vote




Poodle Hype!

What I see when I imagine a full platoon of brave “Strats Poofy Poodles” dropping down to liberate the planet from Vanu and NC.


I was thinking Frank Zappa. (Also in PS1 we used it for the 101st French Wookie Brigade)