Strats Corp. PC Outfit



I went ahead and made the strats outfit as TR on Emerald called strats corp. I highly encourage everyone who plays PS2 to join, however if you already have a outfit feel free to join our platoon. I can’t run this by myself so I’m looking for anyone with a microphone willing to lead a platoon or squad. I plan on running an operation night on a day selected by the community. If you would like to contact me my username is Zontago for both steam and PS2.



We already had a starts outfit. Not sure if it still exists but I am planning on getting on PS2 tonight.


Will do… Though Im in homework hell. Taking MITx6.00x on edx. It’s tough.


Where were these suggestions in the last thread about this?


For the sake of pointing it out, it was discussed to start a new group up given the massive inactivity in the current one; said discussion happened a few days ago. Strats Corp is closer than the old name to the current branding and recruiting for the new outfit is already in full swing as I understand it.



I agree. Don’t get discouraged @Zontago, if anyone was passionate about the old outfit they would have logged in to resurrect it themselves. I’m going to reinstall on the PC this weekend.


Old or new doesn’t matter to me. Send me an invite. I’ll play tonight.

Steam name is Biff Tannen


I have a BR1 NC on Emerald.

It would be such a chore to start over. Those BRs don’t come easy.


alright boys terran comm. sgt. major reporting in send me an invite:D


CSM is the correct abbreviation :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright dude, don’t get dramatic. No one is attacking you for commenting. We’re making sure the new guy feels empowered to make this happen.


I’ll try to add everyone, if I miss you let me know.


I played w/ you a couple days ago (SubScrub in game). Like I said then I can’t leave my current Outfit, but i’d love to play whenever you guys are on :slight_smile:


We currently have 33 members/cannon fodder and 1 officer. I need more officers to run platoons and squads it doesn’t matter, if you can be on often. The only requirements for a lower leader is to have a mic, be registered on the forums, and not be terrible at leading.


Yeah, we had some fun. :blush:


Hey, man are you gonna rejoin the outfit, or is it all up to me now


when will you be on? (CS assignments are kicking my butt)


HalHellion is My toon


I’ll be on now I ususally go on weekdays 5-10 and weekends could be any time.


Ok, I’ll try to hit this week. Training adds a big load onto my time commitments.