Strats & Crew GTA Online Heists Teaser (Video & Wallpapers)



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Strats Heists Teaser Wallpapers


wtf I didn’t snitch


That is awesome @Vocino !!


That’s awesome. Great job!


The term “like a boss” was reserved for you on this day! Awesome.


squee! Omg haha I love it! Good stuff!


Dunno, man. That picture pretty clearly incriminates you… D:


Damn this is nice. I thought it was a Rockstar production until it clicked at the end.

Does anyone know yet exactly how Heists are going to work in multiplayer? Are they just going to be set missions where you make a couple choices? Non-repeatable?


Two words: One word: Amazing!


If this doesn’t get people hype I don’t know what will


Things to use in this week’s crew recruitment, this :wink:


Now let’s just hope the heists come this month!


Srsly how did I get chosen as the rat. I don’t squeal!


You continue to do such amazing work, @Vocino! How do you make such awesome stuff like this? (cuz my video looks really silly now…)