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Welcome to the official StratsCo crew for GTA Online, appropriately named Strats & Crew [STCR].


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Invitations to the crew are currently open. You are free to join the bargain basement rank and live among us in Los Santos.

Shark Card Giveaways

Shark Card giveaways happen in Discord. Enter here: but you must have a minimum role to win. Other winners will be rerolled. Sometimes these are for Glorious Patrons only, sorry.

Throwback to O.G. STCR


Here is the throwback.


New Weekly Perks in GTA Online:

All GTA Online Rockstar Stunt Races are currently dishing out Double Rewards - so buckle up, grip the wheel and keep your foot on the floor all the way to the bank.

Plus 2X Bodyguard & Associate Salaries, and plenty of discounts to take advantage of.

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This is like chill week after grind week. What say you?

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I’m confused. I thought every week was grind week; did I miss something?


@Auth and I always be grindin’ like…


Grand Opening next week July 23 in the heart of Los Santos

Complete details:

With Rockstar recently announcing the release of “the largest and most extravagant addition“ to GTA Online yet, I figure we should make a place to put any news and discussion on the update.

Release Date - TBD
So far the only information that we have is that the update will drop “later this summer”. I’ve read some rumors suggesting it could be as early as July 18th, but we should know more in the near future as Rockstar has said that “an inside look” is coming “soon”.

As far as I can tell very little is known about the update other than it will involve the opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort which has been in the game since launch with a “Coming Soon” sign on it. I’m very interested to see what content this update adds to the game, since I can’t imagine Rockstar will get away with allowing people to gamble with GTA$.

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The rumor seems to be that more information will be given about the update this Thursday (July 11th), and it will release the following week (July 18th).

Yeah I’m not sure about the ability to gamble. It seems like anything in a casino update would have to include some notion of gambling but how can they do that given you can spend real money on a buy in?

I’m going to assume it’s more along the lines of the nightclub where you can own and operate a casino business somehow and the NPCs are the gamblers.

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My thoughts exactly. Only way around it that I can think of is for the Casino to have its own currency (knowing Rockstar, probably called ‘Casino$’) which you can spend at some kind of Casino store.

That way players could earn Casino$ though various missions and events, gamble with it, and then spend it on casino-specific items (weapons, cars, etc.).

Might be possible. Having multiple currencies is how many free-to-play games handle it actually—especially in the mobile market. You will see “gems” which can be bought for real cash and then “coins” which can only be earned, for example. Usually the two are deliberately not exchangeable.

I don’t like this mechanic though. It seems overly complicated and it’s a departure from the realism of GTA.

One way of tackling it is to create a narrative around gambling being illegal and have all funds come from your “Swiss Bank Account” which has no i/o with your standard account. Just thinking about random potentially interesting solves here.

I still say most likely there will be no player-controlled gambling (or it will be 100% free/for fun). The mechanics will mirror the nightclub in that it’s essentially a front business with a backend that has more playability.

There are some interesting backend interfaces you could build for it even with NPC gambling being the limit. For example, you could balance popularity with short term take by way of rigging the slot machine payouts. Or you could higher better dealers, or cheat dealers, etc.

Any more news on this update?

Edit: Yoot Tower reboot confirmed. Per @Auth


So Rockstart just tweeted again today about the Casino Update, but hasn’t really given us any information other that switching “later this summer” to “soon”.

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Hopefully it means more info this Thursday.

The content they continue to push for this game is so impressive.

I usually have Wednesday off, so I just hopped on the Newswire only to realize it’s still Wednesday and I have to wait another day QQ