Strats & Crew: GTA Online

Am I blind? Where are you seeing this?

Found it.


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They really need to just open up the basic pattern based liveries to all cars.

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Hopefully they allow for more of this in the next iteration, if not sooner in GTAO.

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Oh boy! I’m in!

Here are some things I’ve discovered so far:

With the Twitch Prime account linking, you get a “free master penthouse”. What they mean by that is you get a free penthouse with only a master bedroom, and all the other upgrades (lounge, office, garage, spa, etc.) cost extra. Makes sense.

Dear lord. Never saw this one coming. It appears that you are somehow able to exchange chips in the casino 1:1 for $GTA. No idea how they’re skirting regulations here. For things like the slots they list your odds of winning, but you wouldn’t think that would be enough.

There are two different garages at the Diamond. The first one is the “Parking Garage” which is a public garage that anyone who comes to the casino can park their cars in, and see the cars of others who have parked there as well. Obviously no combat in the Parking Garage. There is also a 10-car personal garage purchasable with the Penthouse.

Five new cars were added as part of the Casino DLC, however quite a few more are expected to be added in the “drip feed”.

Truffade Thrax - Legendary Motorsport (2,325,000 $GTA)

Enus Paragon R - Legendary Motorsport (905,000 $GTA)

Annis S80RR - Legendary Motorsport (2,575,000 $GTA)

Weeny Issi Sport - SS Superautos ($897,000 $GTA)

Vapid Caracara 4x4 - SS Superautos (875,000 $GTA)

Will continue to update this post as I play some more.

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That little mini looks fun.

Complete details:

You shouldn’t hold milk in your mouth while you wait for GTAO to load.

After the latest patch I’ve been getting crashes regularly…


Whenever you have a crash like that, try a soft reboot; for whatever reason, that seems to sort the issue for me more often than not.

How do I unlock this? It looks like it’s Vocino Blue. Need.


Some complaints about the casino penthouse:

  1. Flying vehicles don’t spawn on the helipad. Instead, they spawn miles away on the horse track.
  2. You can’t automatically land on the helipad like you can on the office.
  3. The penthouse “office” is not really an office. You can’t access your corp or club using the computer.

RT @THR: Casino update for #GTAOnline delivers game’s biggest launch (Exclusive)

Introducing the impeccable Vysser Neo Sports Car

Stop by the lobby at The Diamond Casino & Resort and give the Lucky Wheel a daily spin for the opportunity to win GTA$, RP, clothing and more.

The Diamond Casino & Resort: Thank You Gifts

This is muscle. Anything else is just flab.

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Do want!

This week’s podium vehicle at the Diamond Casino & Resort lobby is the iconic Pegassi Infernus Classic

Also collect the Red Diamond Casino & Resort Tee when you log in to play now through August 14

The Progen Emerus Supercar