Strats Data Downfall (Capture)

I took a stab at making a GTA mission. This is my first one and it still needs some tweaking so I would appreciate some feedback on it.


This mission takes place outside of the Strats headquarters at Del Parro Apartments. Some horrible anti-fun rival crew members are attempting to steal the database backups. They want all of our email addresses so they can spam us with Viagra ads.


Your mission is to capture the database backups and bring them back to the checkpoints.


All you have to do is click the “add” button on the Social Club link and then head to the access point which is right outside the apartment garage entrance to the left (in the parking lot).

Add to your game here, via Social Club



Lmao This is amazing. I can’t believe those bastards, I’m only twenty three.

I can’t wait to run this! BTW, did anyone get the number for one of those Viagra commercials? Just wondering.