Strats Design Work Requests for #teamstrats [Temporarily Closed]

Hello Strats friends and #teamstrats members,

If you’re streaming for the Team Strats twitch team or have a channel associated with the Team Strats YouTube network, we want to help you be even more awesome!

Use this thread to submit requests for brand graphics. An example of these can be found on the thread I created for mine.

What You Get

You will receive a zip file with the following files:

  • Profile photo (for use on all networks)
  • YouTube channel art
  • Twitter background art
  • Facebook background art
  • Twitch profile art
  • Twitch “Offline” screen


You must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:

Making a Request

If you’re ready to make a request, please submit the following as a reply to this topic:

  • A good quality photo/graphic that you want included. (optional)

  • A theme you would like included.
    e.g. “Minecraft only”, “MMORPGs”, “bright orange!”

  • Text or tagline you would like included.
    e.g. “The best gamer this side of the Mason Dixon!”

  • Any other information you feel is needed to represent you.


These requests are queued for production.


As a n00b to all things CC, having some assistance would be much-appreciated. All stated requirements are met; let’s do this :wink:

I do not have a high-quality picture of exactly what I want, but I will submit my current picture for reference.

What I’d really like is a similarly-minimalistic ninja ducky (I love the stylized shape overall, the oversized head, and the slanted eyes) facing the camera sporting his little black ninja headband with “Auth” centered on it in white in a font that looks hand-painted/written. Preservation of the little lock of feathers in the cowlick location would be appreciated. I’ve grown fond of the red background over the years since I picked this image up from who knows where (I’ve tried on several occasions in recent years to track down the creator, to no avail) and would be content to have that round out a square image in addition to a transparent background version.

Basically if you could make this image face the camera and slap “Auth” on a slightly-wider headband I’d be happy :wink:

It’s all about the ninja duck. I play way too many different games to get a more concise theme than that. Minimalist/graphic novel/cel shaded styles all works for me within the ninja-black/duck-yellow-and-orange/red color scheme.

##Outside of that…
I’m not sure what else I might want. I don’t have a go-to phrase or anything and I want to leave it open enough that if further developments of persona come out of my streaming/content creation that I’ve got room to include them without making it too busy or having to do or get massive reworks. Keep it simple; keep it cool :wink:



This is totally NOT a “good quality photo” etc of what I want, but I was thinking of something along these lines? I had a similar guy with a band-aid around his armpit before this… so…

purple hat and black body? that would make the crutch be silver for better contrast i think…
(also the hat’s too short and stocky the way i drew it IMO… and maybe it should have a design, like an 8-pointed star?? its getting a little to blue-sky for me…)


I’m sure I want my theme to have red in it. I’m looking at this shade, possibly: #b50000


My bro said I should put: “Bringing the pain!”
If I were to add anything it would be: “Bringing the pain since 2013!” (Because that’s when PS4 came out…)

Still thinking about that one as well. I’m not sure if that’s too cheesy…


I usually play mages when it comes to RPGs (hence, the wizard’s hat), so maybe having some mage-y stuff in it? Maybe that would be too eccentric though, I’m not sure… Having some sort of symbol or something might help, but I haven’t gotten that far in what I want yet.

I’ve tried my hand at this crappy version, so whatever you can do will be 1000x better than that!


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Totally don’t have anything in mind. my profile pic on this forum is what i’ve been carrying around for a long time only because i’m lazy and not creative enough to come up with something cool. I’m looking for a simple logo though. maybe something coroporate-style. something that just says my name, or since it’s long, it can just say “DCMJ” or something. It should be pretty minimal, vocino’s logo is a friggin’ great one.


I generally play MMORPG’s and FPS games. I’ve been dabbling in a bunch of different MOBA’s lately, especially Smite. As far as colors go, i’m open to pretty much anything. I’m a big fan of darker themes, and usually lean towards that. Navy Blue or some kind of Dark Blue. Or even a dark Red, whichever is easier to work with. Again, minimal is nice. minimal and flat, think iPhone/iPad UI flat maybe.

This is a tough one. I guess I’m open to suggestions here…or do we really need one?

I think this thread is a great idea and I’m looking forward to really pushing this streaming thing foward with strats!


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I guess a photo of me is ok…i dont have any other graphic stuff.

Anything GTA V or Sports related…IE: NBA 2K15…Madden 15
also if you can incorporate the color purple…I love a nice deep purple.

“Keep fighting no matter what…#Fuckcancer

Love WoW…DA:I…Motogp 14…NASCAR…NFL

This topic is temporarily closed.

Ok, I have a bit of a backlog so I’ll work on these and reopen to more afterwards. I don’t want to get too far out with the queue. Thanks.