Strats Destiny 2 Beta


Welcome Guardians

The open Beta for Destiny 2 on the PS4 starts tomorrow! In able to join in on the Beta you must preorder the game by tonight.

Beta Access

Here is a handy pciture showing Beta open and close times for all platforms.

Join the Clan

In order to join the clan and get all the perks visit our Bungie page here Clans are getting a huge rework and will have a ton more benifits then they did in Destiny 1. This is going to make them a huge part of the game. Sites that focus on finding random people to play with are not going to be able to compete with people with people who play together consistently.

From Polygon

In the gameplay reveal, developers at Bungie also announced that there would be a new reward system across your clan. The details are still unclear, but it appears as though completing content in Destiny 2 will net rewards for the entire clan.


I will have recruitment threads out tomorrow to get new members in our clan. The recruitment thread will be shared on Reddit and I will post it up here for visibility. If you have anyone who you know will be playing on PS4 send them over and lets collect some sweet loot.


All they have to do is do anything and I’ll file it under “much-improved” :wink:

Stupid PC beta not until August…QQ


They don’t even show the day. Just the month. I updated the OP with info for open and close times on all platforms.



Came here expecting PC info.

Left with the sad.


The Beta is seriously lacking in content…i know this is intended but i thought id get to see more than 10 minutes of story mode and some pvp and a strike. I liked what i saw though…i love the new weapons layout system and the interface is slick.


Same! I felt the bit of story that we saw was mad short. Hopefully the full game has more.

The weapons were great, environments gorgeous & detailed. I enjoyed what I played~


Would’ve been nice to see more story than what their reveal already shared with us obviously, but if we take Luke Smith at his words, there will be story like we saw sprinkled throughout every mission.


Ooooh sprinkled story? I’m intrigued. I love going pewpew consistently but story is nice too!

I’m looking forward to where the game is headed from a narrative perspective. I like the lore of Destiny.


Yeah I totally agree. The game looks and feels great, but the beta has 3 hours of content in it.


Game looks ok so far, but I am disappointed that they made it a game series rather than a constantly updated and maintained single game…


Honestly, with everyone describing it as Destiny 1.5 I’m in agreement. Unless there were some large under-the-hood changes, there’s no reason (besides money, obv.) that it couldn’t have been a single title (even if that meant dropping support for the 360 and PS3).


I think we should consider that the Destiny game that shipped back in the day was not the one originally developed and simply was what could be stitched together in time for launch. This is why it took until The Taken King DLC to become a game that people said worked for them. Yet even with TTK, there were still so many holes in the game (lore outside of it, rudimentary gear management, and old-gen architecture just to list a few) that a complete cut made the most sense.