Strats Destiny noob!



Hi everyone, I joined stats a while back to play some GTA and it was short lived, I went back to school and didnt play much. But I’m back and I Have just requested to join the clan. I have been playing since the alpha and I have done the raid up to gorgoroth (although my light level isn’t high enough on ps4 yet). Anyway, is there a list anywhere of strats ps4 destiny players? I would like to friend everyone so I can start playing with you guys. Anyway, see you soon guardians!



HAH at least you did a raid xD my light level is 229 (Last I checked) but feel free to add me if you want

PSN: AlexFalkor-


My light level is only 170 I think. I did that on xbox, but I’m tired of xbox a and the turds I was playing with. Lol


Friend ohnokenzilla and i’ll introduce you around when next our paths cross.


Welcome back friend.


Thanks @Vocino


Go ahead and friend me too blinkbrac


I am Aicxe.


Welcome to the team! I’ll see you on.


Welcome back! My hunter is only like level 26 but I’m actively leveling!

Psn is eegore_jenkins


Welcome back!
Feel free to throw me an add, PSN is Fyrefly21. @Smasher225 is on a fair amount as well (when he can pull away from DoTA), I think we’re pretty fun to play with :stuck_out_tongue:


Just sent you a friend request. Does anyone know how to change your name on strats? I want to make it reflect my psn name if I can.


Doesn’t look like you can, 'cause you sign up with your Username :frowning: Best might be to add it as your “Name” that appears below your username? That way when people tag you it’ll show up as “PSN: ducksauce88” rather than “Andrew” ?

@Vocino might know of a better/actual way to fix this though!


Ok, Ill look through my settings. But if @Vocino could that would be awesome. Wtf was i thinking when i signed up? lol


@dr_body_dropper I can change it for you, what do you want it to be?


Sweet. I would like it to match my PSN: ducksauce88

I owe ya one.


Ok, you’re going to be signed out in a sec. Sign back in using ducksauce88 and your password.


@ducksauce88 there you go.


@Vocino to the rescue!!


Woah, I feel like a new man!! Thanks!!!

oh also, @Vocino can you also adjust my bank account. there aren’t enough 0’s :joy: