Strats Destiny PC Fireteam - 9/13/18



Noticing some more players coming into Destiny 2 for Forsaken.
Let’s group up!

  • Gambit
  • Crucible
  • Strikes
  • NightFall
  • Blind Well
  • Spider’s Bounties
  • Story Missions


That’s tonight! So I need to buy Forsaken?


yes, the clock is ticking.


You can still join in with us if you don’t have it.
Some of the activities you cannot do of course. Gambit, Blind Well, etc.
But we could still do crucible or strikes or help you catch up on previous DLC if needed.


If I buy Foresaken can I jump into the activities even at my Light level and start getting new gear? If I can participate right away I’m definitely down.


Yes and no.
Gambit is like crucible where Power Levels are basically ignored. So you could hop in and play gambit right away.

For something like the Blind Well, it requires you to be in the Dreaming City which you don’t discover until after the main Forsaken story is complete, and has something like a short attunement process to go through.

So some things you will have access to right away, mainly Gambit, other things require a bit of time.
But again, depending on how many people are online, we could spend some time just going through the story missions with you.