[Strats], DO NOT farm alliance resource territories



Titans and Hammer & Sickle have agreed to an accord to not farm each others’ resource territories. We are going to be abiding by this as well. If evidence is produced that you are farming in an alliance resource territory, you may face a gkick, even on a first offence (this is the same standard they are enforcing). Do not put yourself or the guild in that situation, please; there are plenty scattered around the map, so you shouldn’t need to go in those resource territories for them anyway. You are allowed to farm in zones where the alliance has territories (BB, CC, etc.), just not in the actual resource territories.

Spread the word.


Please spread the word on this.

Absolutely no gathering of resources inside purple territories. No exceptions.


Did you mean “in zones where the GUILD has territories”?


Territories with resources within their boundaries. i.e. Hawthorn has Ore’s inside the territory currently owned by H&S. Don’t touch the ore. Ever. For any reason. Unless you want to leave the guild. However, you are free to gather any other resources in the Hawthorne zone.


Alright. Well then we really need to start taking resource territories NEAR our main territory. It may be easy for @Auth to gather stone around BB, but it’s constantly mined out for everything else, and Hawthorne isn’t reasonable because you will die if you’re out there gathering for any extended period of time.

It’s just kind of annoying that they’ve taken nearly ALL the resource territories around us, and then prevent us from mining from them. Now our gatherers need to either go and die, or travel really long distances.


Another lesson for when it goes live then…I guess.

Has anyone thought about whether we can still use the banks in those territories…?


Honestly, it isn’t that bad at all. I regularly go gathering in TR/CC and have only been ganked once. One mine territory accounts for 4 T5 stone nodes; I can find more than that in the north corner of BB (8, I think). It’s not an unreasonable request for us to not gather the 2-3 resource territories nearby. The ore in CC is almost never knocked up and there’s far more there than you can load on a single ox, and if someone can’t find trees they need to have their eyes checked because they’re literally everywhere. If you’re in Strats then you’re accepting of the hardcore/PVP nature of the game (including the risk/reward of going further away and gathering for longer) so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone (gatherers or otherwise) if you get killed once in a while.

No, I said it exactly how it is: you can farm in zones where the alliance has territories, you just can’t farm in their actual resource territories.

I don’t keep much stashed in alliance territories personally, but there should be no issue using them to store materials and such on a longer run. I would encourage everyone (to minimize potential dramallamas) to use a building territory or farm territory to stash extra materials in on a longer run rather than a resource territory just to avoid any confusion.


You must be getting incredibly lucky, because I have CONSTANTLY been killed in the corners of HR and TR. And the big difference between the territories and the nodes in the zone is that out in the zone, the nodes are mined by all 3 guilds and anyone else who comes through. Rare t4 is almost always mined out in BB.
I’m happy to go out and risk my stuff for rare mats, but the key there in your statement is “risk/reward”. I’m not willing to go and risk all my stuff (tools, armor, cape, bag, mount) for a stack of T4 ore. The reward isn’t high enough.
We need to work on getting some close resource territories of our own if this is the way it’s going to be.

And as I said before, I also don’t think it’s fair for the rest of the alliance to take pretty much every resource territory in the area, leave none for us, and then say we can’t mine in each other’s resource territories.


We have no ground to stand on with this argument; our presence didn’t actually appear until the start of week 3, by which time all the territories anywhere remotely nearby had been taken; this will not be a repeat situation in live, but it is the situation for the time being.

If you’re not willing to risk it in those zones, then that’s your decision, but the key citing you’re making is T4.2/T4.3 ore, which is available in green, yellow, and red zones; it may not be the most locally-available resource at the hours you play during (I see it up all the time, personally, though I play pretty late into the night), but it’s far from nonexistent. @Fiddler still makes trips to BR sometimes because it’s so empty most of the time, so if a trek must be made, it must be made. We’ve got our own mine territory now as well (though not local to BB) that we can be mining and make ox shipments from periodically if need be.


I’m not saying I don’t understand how we got in this situation. I’m just saying that:
a) I don’t really think it was fair of the alliance to make that rule part way through once they’d taken all the territories. I understand there’s not much we can do about it, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. And:
b) We now need to focus our efforts on getting some resource territories near us.

Do you disagree with this?


I would strongly recommend against storing stuff in alliance territories, not only could they leave the alliance or we could, but sometimes the game itself does wonky thinks breaking alliances that then have to be reformed. If any of those happen, I’m guessing you lose any of your stuff there.


They’re holding one another accountable to this as well; HNS isn’t allowed to gather in Titans territories and vice versa.

Not presently, no; we’ve picked a nice-sized fight already in the west where we’re fielding multiple GvG teams a day; the only nearby and available territory means squaring off against the Banished/Vendetta alliance, which is a bad move given our slow start this test. As we continue to establish a stronger hold in the west we can look at building a territory up and making use of the 2 resource territories we have, but right now it’s impractical. @Fro has a GvG plan he’s executing that @Cracka08 supports, so we’re going to stick with it as it’s currently working well.

Yeah, I only use them as temporary storage during a gathering run, then I grab everything and haul it home when I leave zone :wink:


Which is easy when they both have tons of resource territories. Not so much the case with us.

[quote=“Auth, post:12, topic:9500”]
The only nearby and available territory means squaring off against Banished, which is a bad move given our slow start this test.[/quote]

If we’re so far behind, why are we spending all our time running around and ganking people? It’s nice that we have lots of PvP fame relative to other guilds, but it’s not actually doing anything to help our guild.

I think that would count as efforts to acquire more resource territories, no?


You specifically stated:

and since that territory isn’t exactly nearby our current sphere of operations, I wrote what I wrote.

Our roaming PVP is our strongest asset right now, so we’re doing what we’re good at. The roaming also secures a lot of gear for us that we can’t currently craft since our crafting/refining is lagging behind the other top guilds. It also helps @Fro find potential GvG players because he can run around with them in open world, see how effective they are, how well they listen, etc.

And while you may only see them out roaming, I can assure you there is a ton of PVE going on as well. We’ve got folks pulling in 300k+ fame/day farming and tons of mats we’ll hopefully be able to use in the near future.

This is now all wildly off topic; if you’ve any other issues with the way things are currently running, feel free to start a new thread or PM to voice those concerns.


I obviously meant near a territory where someone can craft/refine… Not specifically beside BB.