Strats, do you enjoy kicking ass? (Terran Republic)

Great! Do you want to actually save these planets? Well there’s only one way to go then.


This is the empire from which the story begins. Having existed for over four hundred years, it is the originator of all three empires.

The Terran Republic was officially established with the ratification of the Declaration of Constancy by nations weary of nearly two hundred years of war. They brought order out of chaos and introduced the world to an era of peace. Terrans eventually made space travel possible. From this, Wormholes were discovered, studied, and found to be a means of transportation from one area of space to another. It is through one of these wormholes that the Terran Republic found their way to Auraxis, an earth-like planet that could sustain life. They proceeded with their ambitious plans of colonization on Auraxis which continued uninterrupted for 20 years.

Things radically changed when the wormhole collapsed stranding the entire expeditionary force. They began research on how they could re-open the wormhole, which utlimately failed. During these uncertain times, “Vanu” artifacts were being discovered on Auraxis. Shortly after this, the development of “Rebirthing” technology began. It started to become clear to the Terran Leadership that this new technology could possibly destabilize future colonies. They established draconian restrictions on the new technology, so they could study it better without interruption or meddling by private companies or individuals and adapt it for use with their own military. A sense of immortality began to create turmoil between developing groups of people with significantly different philosophies as to how the technology should be used. Already, a faction of technophiles emerged embracing the Vanu technology and its lost knowledge.

Unrest formed between the developing factions which was exacerbated by rogue scientists and republic military deserters. Previous attempts to quell the uprising ended in a bloody battle and resulted in the separation of the Technolords, who then declared themselves the Vanu Sovereignty. In the initial chaos rogue scientists released blueprints for rebirthing facilities and instructions on how to use them. While this was going on, a third faction called the New Conglomerate seized the opportunity while the Terran Republic was occupied and was able to create an independent rebirthing network just as the Terran Republic feared.

Unique Traits

All weapons of the Terran Republic sacrifice raw power and accuracy for high rates of fire, large magazine sizes, quick reload speed, controllable recoil, and accuracy with sustained fire. Weapons of the Republic favor a user with a lightning-fast trigger finger and razor-sharp reflexes.

The vehicles of the Terran Republic are highly mobile, and have the fastest speed overall compared to the other factions. This allows setups for quick strikes and sudden ambushes. It also allows Republic forces to mop up stragglers quickly after a victory or outrun assailants after a defeat. Most importantly, it lets forces mobilize faster and more efficiently, allowing quick takeovers of territory in a small amount of time. Though the armor of Terran Republic vehicles aren’t as strong as those of other factions, their high speed and acceleration can be used to evade enemy fire.
The special abilities of the Terran Republic, Lockdown and Anchored Mode, give the Terran Republic heavy area denial capabilities. This allows the Republic to defend and siege territory unlike any other faction.

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