Strats Dota 2 Tournament



Hey Strats Team,

I think I am going to go to a Dota 2 tournament in LA in a few weeks…any objection to using the Strats Co name as our team name? :smile:


Is it this one?


No objection but we need to be involved at a more granular level if you’re going to represent us. If you’re going to be the Strats team, we want to make sure it’s being represented well. Nice graphics, nice people, an understanding of what we stand for, etc.

EDIT: A better way to say it is if you’re going to represent Strats, it can’t be a half-baked effort. However, if the interest is there, we are ready to commit the resources in developing something to make it fully-baked.


Is it this one?

Yup, that one. @Vocino we would for sure represent Strats proudly and respectfully :smiley:. As far as this tournament goes with graphics and what not…it doesn’t seem like a big tournament and I doubt there will be anything needed. If there is, I can let you know. It’s just a single elim tourney with a handful of teams.


That’s kinda the point…

Even for small events and whatnot we want to ensure the “Strats” flag is flown proudly. We want to stand out as a top shelf outfit.


How do you suppose I do this? Are you taking actual gear or just gfx?

I might be able to get GFX in game like so (i will get dimensions now):

Dimensions (@Vocino) :

Wish us luck tomorrow!

Thanks for the specs, I will get on that.


Hey @Vocino, just checking in to see if there was any progress on the gfx for the tournament this Saturday? And if there was anything else you needed from me before we partake in the matches come Saturday.

I hope to take a team pic to post for everyone!