Strats Fight Club



I’m thinking about getting a fight club together in ESO.
Maybe tomorrow night? (Sun April 30th)

We gather up at the Guild Stronghold and then pair off and duel.
Just something I think might be fun, as well as good practice for those not ready to enter Cyrodiil yet.

Let me know if you’re interested.


Sounds cool. I’m in.


People still partying here, no plays for this one :frowning:


Birdie and I will join in :+1:


I’m up for it. Just crown me the winner right now.


So what time works for people? I’m thinking around 9:30 - 10:00 pm (central)


I could probably catch the tail end of that.


We’ll keep it loose and see what happens.


Is it possible to gift Crowns or the gem crates? Would make for good prizes.


I think you can get prepaid crown cards, but I don’t think there is a way to gift them in-game.


Okay all, we’re getting started now.
So if you’re interested hop in discord and head over to the Guild Stronghold to get your duel on!


Thanks for the fights, Wayward! I shall hone my tank slaying capabilities :dickbutt:


Thanks to @zgrooster and @birdiechirps for coming out and dueling!

I think I want to set up another one for later this week. Possibly not quite as late, maybe more people will be able to participate.



Rule 1 is always the hardest, even harder than Rule 2 :wink:


Did one of you record it? If so post that footage!



Great idea. Especially if we could get the outside perspective of the fights in first person.


Whenever I hit 160 and gear up, I’m game


I think that violates rule #1


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