Strats fishing team

Post here if you intend to chip in for a fishing boat. The goal is to use it on our mains until we go pirate and then on alts since you can’t turn in prized fish as a pirate.


Helping with the material
Fishing as one of your major proffesions.
Alt being level 30 minimum (for after we go pirate since the mobs in the sea are lvl 35)

Fish-Find Longliner:

Speed: 8,3m/s
HP: 30000
Gilda x 250
Fishing License x 1
Fish Finder x 1
Fish Crane x 1
Solid Shaft x 1
Lumber Pack x 2
Iron Pack x 2
Fabric Pack x 2

Times for fishing expeditions will be posted here once we have the boat.

Yes, once I’m leveled up.