Strats Fortnite (PC) Giveaway!



#Told you there was a giveaway coming.

#Nope :wink:

So, with a few of us chomping at the bit for Fortnite’s release, we thought “what better way to get more people to play with than to give away a copy of the game?” The copy we’re handing out is the Standard Edition, which comes with the 4-day headstart beginning at 10am EDT on July 21st. As an added bonus, if you decide you really like the game and want some of the additional swag that comes with the higher-tier packs, you’ll be able to upgrade by paying the difference between the value of the version you win (~$40) and the version you want to upgrade to (~$?) after the Early Access period officially starts (July 25th).

I know you do. All you need to do is:

  1. Be at least a Member here on the forums at the time of this thread’s posting.
  2. Leave a reply on this thread by 11:59pm EDT on Friday 7 July 2017 to be automatically entered.

#For the inevitable winner:
I won’t be able to send you your copy straight away so you can preload and such, unfortunately, because the copy won’t be available to me to hand out until the headstart begins on 21 July. What you’ll need to do is make an EPIC account (if you don’t already have one) and install their launcher. Once you’ve done this, you’ll PM me your EPIC account name so we can be BFF’s. As soon as I have the copy to hand out (the FAQ’s say they’ll be available immediately after I log into the game on July 21st, and the devs have parroted this on r/fortnite several times), I’ll get it sent out.

Good luck, Strategists :wink:


wooohoo…another awesome giveaway!! im in! :slight_smile:


definitely looking more forward to this game as i see more content. sign me up for giveaway!


We give away a lot of stuff. @Auth is a master.


looks fun enter me in


Well I’m totally jumping in this raffle. GL everyone :slight_smile:





tag me in. definitely looking forward to it!


pls let me win, k thanks


Thanks ahead :grinning:
Sorry everyone else.



Please & thank you!



GZ @NVS_1!



Holy shit!