Strats: Forum Cakeday



I’m working on a feature to display an emoji next to your name when it’s your “cakeday”. If you’re not a reddit user, your “cakeday” refers to the anniversary of your join date.

Our emoji set (an open source repo) is somewhat limited for cakes but here are the options:

  • Slice :cake:
  • Birthday :birthday:
  • Fish :fish_cake:
  • Fireworks? :fireworks:

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At some point we can collect birthday information and do one for that as well. Not sure.


If it’s cake day we should get the whole thing. Not one slice. What are we, Milton?


Yeah but I think the slice looks a little less like a birthday cake (we could use the other one for birthdays at some point).


Fireworks isn’t a terrible idea, the icon just isn’t very good IMO.


You can have your cake, and eat it.


Let’s do this one!


I’d like to thank my Team :cake: brethren for standing strong against the onslaught of the Team :birthday: heretics; we shall prevail!


So the choices are LIE, LIE, WhatTheFish, and Fireworks? Hmmm…


I’m a fan of the whole cake.


…you are no longer a Houstonian; we’ll discuss this in more detail at the next meetup :wink:


Houston, we have a problem. . . . . . . . .

I’ll see myself out. . .


Did @lyteforce hack @Wayward’s account?


Nah, was too busy hacking your smart fridge and drinking your beer.

But I do love @Wayward’s sense of humour. Funny funny funny!


This is live now. I went with :cake: for people’s “cakeday” or “stratsversary” and :birthday: for birthdays.


I’m so glad that my spectacular pun was the solution to all this :smiley:


Today is a good day for Team :cake:


Now I wish it was someone’s Stratsversary.


But… But… An entire cake for your bday… Mmmmm cake!

Haha, sounds good! Can’t wait for it!


Now we play the waiting game.