Strats Franchises

##Is your game interested in becoming a Strats Franchise?

Leaders (game and guild) are trusted with our most valuable resource at Strats: community members. Without all these wonderful gamers running around here, we wouldn’t exist. Strategists are a diverse bunch encompassing the whole spectrum of gamer (from hardcore to casual and daily users to the once-a-month check-ins), and many are initially drawn to our community with a specific game or guild in mind; we owe it to them to ensure we are supporting these games and their leadership teams to the best of our abilities. One problem we face as we continue to grow (both in population and scope), however, are limited resources; there is only so much time in the day and only so much money available to help promote and nurture the different organizations formed and united under the Strats banner. As a result, we’re publishing this set of standards (similar to our Partnered Streamer program) to help us prioritize our efforts to the guilds, leadership, and players who are prepared to meet us in the middle.

###These are 3 requirements to become a Strats Franchise; click any of them or scroll down for further explanation of each one and the doctrine that drives them:

Strats Franchises will enjoy a growing list of perks for their efforts, which are detail below.

##Help us help you

The Strats leadership is, in a @Vocino -word, bullish on Strats; we believe a long and bright future lies ahead of us as a community, but the more we move in that direction, the more critical it becomes that we determine how best to foster our growth and prosperity. By establishing these guidelines we not only allow games and guilds to begin and function the way they always have here at Strats, we enable those that aspire to something more than that the opportunity to go beyond their own means through Strats’ assistance; if your leadership team is interested in meeting us halfway, message me and we’ll help you get there :wink:

Community Manager


###A Strats Franchise requires a Franchise Leader and a minimum of 2 Franchise Officers who are active on the forums, applicable voice coms (Mumble/PSN chat, etc.), and in game that can fulfill any and all duties both in and out of game that the Franchise Leader reasonably asks of them.

No man is an island, and neither is a Franchise Leader. Franchise Officers should be selected by the Franchise Leader from a pool of qualified volunteers as needed to support the Franchise Leader and their guild in-game and administratively. Officers should be at least Basic users, preferably Members, and the Franchise Leader should be at least a Member; details about the forum permissions are available here. A Franchise Officer should strongly consider their ability to “work” for the Franchise Leader before they accept a position; there are responsibilities like assisting with recruiting and promotion, interacting with Strats members on the forums who have questions about your guild or game, and other needs on a title-specific basis you may be asked to perform.

These Franchise Officers also need to be able to step up should the Franchise Leader be unavailable for one reason or another and manage things in the interim. This redundancy prevents a lapse in leadership or functionality within a Franchise, allowing it to continue on smoothly should circumstances prevent a member of its leadership from performing their duties for a period of time.


###A Strats Franchise should emphasize and facilitate communication on our forums and in voice comms, whether or not there is a formal meeting.

Guild meetings have traditionally been a necessity in MMO culture, but they’re not always applicable or required, particularly in titles that support a guild/clan system but are not traditional MMO’s (i.e. Battlefield 4/Hardline, Destiny, and Diablo 3). Meetings may be difficult to coordinate among guild leadership and members, but they can also be invaluable to the communication process; they allow for the flow of information from the top down and the bottom up.

This post and this post are both excellent examples of forum-based discussion on policy, vision, and intent that allow for member interaction and feedback; they demonstrate acceptable supplements and alternatives to a traditional meeting. Franchise leadership should use discretion in determining the needs of their particular title while taking into consideration the opinions of the Franchise members; for example, if the overwhelming-majority of a members want a formal, weekly meeting in Mumble despite the leadership’s decision to the contrary, the reasons for and against it should probably be discussed further by everyone involved to reach a compromise and resolution.


###A Strats Franchise needs to maintain a certain level of presence here on the Strats forums as well as other, applicable websites.

Forum content is an integral part of user interactions, recruitment, and promotion; without it, there is nothing to point a user to when discussing a game or its guild. Simple posts like those in the LFG category or a .gif reposted from r/gaming are not the kind of content that drives a guild forward or allows for quality promotion by Strats; it has value to the website in terms of fun side-bar discussions and reactions, but it fails to communicate things like what the game, guild, its leadership and members, and Strats as a whole is all about.

The Franchise should have a main thread introducing the Franchise and its leadership (the Strats Destiny Clan has a good example, as does the currently-defunct Strats GTA 5 Crew) and should also contribute to the Weekly Promotion Thread by posting (and monitoring) recruitment messages elsewhere on the Internet (i.e. game/recruiting subreddits, official forums, etc.). Content posted to Strats can and should include build guides, game/mechanic tutorials, hosted events, and tips & tricks; these are posts that invite conversation, elicit excitement, and are easily shared/promoted on other website and through social media.


###The perks of being a Strats Franchise

  • Notoriety on the primary game thread with the Official Franchise badge
  • Priority listing in the Guilds & Clans category for your main thread
    • There will be a single pinned thread in Guilds & Clans that contains links out to all the Franchise threads
  • Tweets on the official StratsCo account, posts on the official Facebook page, and paid advertising from the Strats budget to supplement recruitment and promote events and quality content posts (builds, guides, etc.)
    • Prior notice will be needed to setup the automated tweets for events and the like; more specifics on how this to come
  • Streaming on the official StratsCo Twitch channel for special events
    • Format of this will depend on the game. It might be a /host of another streamer participating or it could be a separate spectator-mode stream. We’re not going to do this non-stop for every event done by every Franchise; we’ll get more particulars out on this in the future.
  • Custom forum emoji for your game/guild/clan
  • Badge/Title for members of a Franchise’s leadership team

This list is ever-expanding and all Strats Franchises will automatically get all new benefits as they are added