Strats Guild Standards

Guild Standards

Guild leaders are trusted with our most valuable resource in Strats, community members. Many of these members are drawn to our community with a specific guild in mind, we owe it to them to ensure we are supporting the guild wholeheartedly.

The following is a set of guidelines for a Guild Leader and its appointed Officers to abide by:

I think it is important to point out that Strats is a community and the individual guilds are here in support of that community. Our community is very diverse from hardcore to casual and daily users to those the check-in once a month. Guild leadership should have a plan in place to accommodate its entire player base not just the elites. I am not saying you have to cater to everyone individually, but the casual gamer needs to be valued just as much as the hardcore.


I know meetings can me difficult to set-up, conduct and manage. Meetings, however, are the core to effective communication within the guild. They allow information to flow from the top down and the bottom up. They are a fundamental key to making every member feel included and valued.

Every guild should have the following meetings on a reoccurring basis, we use the term reoccurring to give some flexibility to the guild leadership:

  • Elder / Guild Leader
  • Officer Meeting
  • Guild Meeting

Guild Officers

Guild Officers are selected by the Guild Leader from a pool of volunteers. Offices need to support the leader and back them up. This means attending scheduled meetings and fulfilling any duties. A guild officer should strongly consider their ability to “work” for the Guild leader before they accept a position.

Forum Content

Not everyone will be able to attend meetings or will have an opportunity to be heard. Guild leadership should have a very robust flow of information in the forums geared towards the community members participating in their guild. This will also help recruiting efforts as it will allow potential members an opportunity to see the status of the guild and the direction it is heading.


This really should be stickied.

People looking to start new projects should know what is expected of them from day one.

Also, should we have an official “Shuttering” of old projects?

ESO, and WildStar come to mind. We don’t maintain a strong presnce in those games, should we “shutter” our presence, globally, for them?

To explain what I mean. I don’t mean for us to never log into those games, but for us to take a relaxed role in looking for members and recruiting. I don’t know how ESO is but I assume it is in the same state that the WildStar guild is in ATM.

Should we actively endorse a presence in those games or simply pick up people that are interested in an overall community rather than a single game community?

Seeing as how we haven’t had a single successful long term project I am kinda wondering how things will work when a game starts to dwindle and:

Needs to happen.

Should there be a point where a project shifts from primary interest to secondary and how should this be handled?

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This looks really good. When will we have our first leaders meeting with the elders and will that included all good leaders?

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We are going to work with the leaders to find a good time for us all and make it a steady thing. Wildstar/eso need a thread and i suggest those involved spearhead the discussion as it involves those who play the actual game more than the elders who simply macromanage. We can spend days discussing what we need to do and trust me we already have had that discussion but i am more interested in what the players have to say. I ll put up a thread for eso and wildstar in the respective categories.

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Ignore this thread being on your feed for now; I accidentally floated it while rummaging through the Meta category :wink:

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