Strats Houston Summer 2016 Meetup


That’s right folks, Houston Strategists have had a couple meetups already, but this July we’ll be having a much bigger one! A handful of folks have already confirmed they’re going to fly in for a few days, so here’s what you need to know if you want to get in on the fun!

When: July 19-24, 2016
Where: Houston, TX
Why: …the hell not!

A lot of the Houston Strategists are up on the northwest side of town, so it’s looking like this hotel is where folks are considering bedding down. The plan is to have stuff that’s somewhat more family-friendly during the day including sightseeing (Space Center Houston, Downtown Aquariam, Museums, Zoo, etc.) and adult beverages, etc., in the evening. We might even make the trek to Galviston and hit the beach. Several of us are planning to get a Houston City Pass from this website in order to keep costs down. As we get closer to the actual dates we’ll get something of an itinerary together so we know what will be happening when.

Those flying in are encouraged to arrive at Bush Intercontinental Airport; Hobby Airport is also in Houston, but it’s on the complete opposite side of the 3rd largest metropolis in the Union (and we won’t come pick you up; you’ve been warned ;)). Some carpooling will be possible, but it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to consider renting a car for yourself or with other incoming visitors. At last count there were a number of interested people, but cars are only so big and there are only so many of us locals.

We’ll continue to update this thread in the coming weeks as more people sign on for the fun and itineraries are sorted; if you’re definitely coming or thinking about joining the fun, drop a reply and let us know so we can plan accordingly :wink:


For sure coming:

Definitely maybe coming:

#First pass on the itinerary
We’re building this itinerary out based on the Houston City Pass to keep ticket prices affordable. Let the record show this will almost-certainly shift around some, but we’re planning to do all the events listed below; be sure to drop feedback if there’s something you’d like to see in a different order based on when you’ll be around :wink:

###Tuesday (19 July)

  • Generally chill getting everyone into town day
  • Dinner on Strats
    • Probably at Red Fish Grill (seafood/sushi awesomeness with land-based choices as well)

###Wednesday (20 July)

###Thursday (21 July)

  • Morning - Museum of Fine Arts (free general admission on Thursdays)
  • Afternoon/Evening - Kemah Boardwalk (Rock the Dock concert series on Thursdays in July)
  • Note: This is the most solid day given the special events/pricing at these venues and unlikely to change

###Friday (22 July)

  • Houston Zoo
  • Dinner and music at The Carriage House Cafe

###Saturday (23 July)

###Sunday (24 July)

  • Breakfast/brunch before people start cutting town?

Another person from Texas!
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Planning on it! It’ll be me, my fiance, and my 2 year old. She shouldn’t be too bad because she’s always quiet around new people and loves to see new things. We’ll have our own vehicle and I think we’ll be able to get a spot at the suggested hotel as well.



Is the 19th the beginning of it or is it like maybe the 19th or 20th or 21st etc

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The first folks are rolling in on the 19th, so there abouts is when we’ll start doing things. I expect we’ll probably go out for foods or something that evening and the actual out-and-about whatnot will start on the 20th.

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19 flying in - 24th flying out

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We’ll be there for that weekend.

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Sweet! Hopefully I’ll have my license by then so maybe I won’t have to worry about getting a ride this time.

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Ok, I am officially in. @Biggles7268 we need to talk about hotels.



that one Auth suggested is probably the best bet. The link in his post isn’t the best, maybe check with him or kitty later to make sure we book the correct place.



It’s the link to the official company’s site! Also, it’s the correct one. Google maps wasn’t letting me link well to it, so that was the best I could do :wink:

Let the record show I liked the old wink better!

Edit 2:
Gah! I updated the OP and it purged the old winks there :’(

The new cry is better though, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.



This is a fantastic idea, I for one will be unable to attend unfortunately. Was there a meetup in 2015 or perhaps before? I want to see pictures. Wish I could join and excited to see how it goes!

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So what is the official itinerary? Also, that hotel is way up north west. Most things to do will be a good thirty to twenty minute drive away (The Space Center will probably be the furthest thing out, unless we do Kemah). If we are gonna be drinking we should really consider Uber or the like.

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The hotel is there because the people with the cars live near there :stuck_out_tongue: There will probably be before-adventure and after-adventure shenanigans which will be made easier if everyone is staying in relatively the same place.



We’ll have it sorted and mostly finalized sometime in mid-May.

We’ll probably have DD’s picked out various nights, and the cabs run in the area as well :wink:



I clicked on it and was being shown locations in LA so… I had to narrow it down to Houston manually. Such a hardship for the pathologically lazy like me. :scream:



That’s really weird since it goes directly to the one you lot were talking about for me.

The hyperlink above is “”, so how it’s showing you things in LA is beyond me.

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It’s possible that I’m dumb as all hell.



Totes interested in driving in from Austin, willing to car pool with someone or take people with me! @Kaidence @Tickey7 should come too.

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First pass of the itinerary is up; debate :wink: