Strats in Elder Scrolls Online

Hello and thanks for taking a moment to consider ESO. There are many new changes coming to ESO with update 1.6. The development team at Zenmiax has re-balanced the entire game. The justice system and champion systems are really exciting. Most of this has been overshadowed recently by the announcement that ESO will become buy to play. Starting in March you will no longer need a subscription to play ESO.

Anyone who joins ESO to be a part of Strats needs to be fully aware of our current situation. We are a very small Aldmeri Dominion PVP guild attempting to tackle the Thornblade campaign. There are 4 active members of the guild. That’s not a typo. We have a long road ahead. I will be focusing on running pugs in thorn, and completing a full set of crafting alts so that anyone who joins will have access to max level player crafted gear and consumables. Most of my recruiting efforts will be focused on people in game, on the Thornblade campaign. The PVP in ESO is fantastic. In my opinion it is the best PVP in any mmorpg.

Ebonheart Pact are currently the strongest Thornblade faction by far. As a small Aldmeri Dominion guild on a campaign that is dominated by Ebonheart Pact please don’t expect to win every battle or succeed on every mission. This will take time and effort. If you would like to face this challenge with me, and seek the satisfaction of overcoming such great odds, come join Strats in Elder Scrolls Online.

My in game handle is @Xerosum.

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Ill reinstall and resub when I get a free chance.

We still have a lot of members in the guild, just not active. We should have all the guild benefits unlocked.

Awesome, thanks Java.@Vocino Having some old blood login and require me to change some settings would be wunderbar. I’m itching to give out promotions.

I’m always here, just don’t log in as much now. I’m really just waiting for 1.6 to draw me back into binge playing. My sub runs out the month after it goes B2P so i’m always available.

Can I promote you to an officer? The only other officer right now is Vocino and he’s not really playing. I’d like anyone who’s even semi active in game to be able to recruit.

I’d be willing to help out with the guild. I’ve been active and plan on sticking with the game for the foreseeable future. I’m only level 45 atm tho.

Great, promoted. Level doesn’t matter at all. Do you play on the non vet pvp server? I have an alt that’s level 15 and I think I’m going to try recruiting from there some also. When the folks on non vet reach vet maybe we can pull them into thorn.

Sure thing

Thanks, I haven’t done much pvp since I’ve come back. Been trying to reach level 50. But I will join non vet in the meantime.

Although new and somewhat low level, I’ll help out in whatever way I can. Currently planning to get my main to lv 50 within the next two weeks. Been on and off a bit in the past but will probably stick around now there’s an interesting guild to be in.

I’ve been mostly playing on PTS. I’ll log on to Live and add you. Welcome aboard!