Strats is in Tamriel! ESO PS4 guild thread



I want to start a guild on ESO on the PS4 and would like it to be affiliated with this awesome community. I got like 2 people who regularly go online and 2 more friends.

Could I use the Strats name or should I think of another guild name?


Just call it Strats :wink:


I believe @blinkbrac was interested as well in playing ESO.


Thanks ken. Yeah I was planning on getting it for Xmas this year. A buddy of mine plays it now and it looks good




Thanks for the invite! Stoked to join the community.


I have the game. I might get back to it eventually!


I just picked it up on sale (for 30$) and couldn’t be happier! Definitely wish I would have gotten it sooner tbh.

If anyone does end up getting it on PS4, shoot me a message and I’ll send you an awesome welcome package full of weapons, armour, recipes, and of course, enough gold to purchase the guild colours!

I’ll also be tackling my first dungeon today if anyone would like to join.


I was tempted to get ESO. What is so great about this game? I don’t know anything about it.


Did you ever get into Skyrim? If so, you’ll definitely enjoy the gameplay and lore! I personally like the first person combat aspect of it – which is definitely different than other MMOs I’ve played.

Plus, it’s cheap and there’s no subscription required.


The 3-faction PvP is one draw of the game. That combined with one large megaserver for each console/platform ensures that you will find a fight somewhere. I haven’t played since the Imperial City DLC was released but hopefully that only made PvP more exciting.

PvE is fairly open. The game can be played mostly solo; you only need a group for dungeons and “raid” type content. You pick a class but that only locks you into 3 class-specific skill lines. You’re free to use any weapon or armor type you want.

You can be a bad guy and steal things, rob NPCs or even kill them. Just be prepared to pay the consequences if you get caught by the guards.

Edit - I have played neither PC nor PS4 version in a few months. I have no idea of the population on either. But they seem to be pushing out content regularly.


Welcome to the community @Mooseface-Killah! We’re just forming our guild right now, posting an announcement every week on /r/destinythegame. If you have any friends, send them an invite as well!

@BREADFAN What alliance are you on? Most of the guild is in the Dominion, and I set the aPvP alliance of the guild to AD.


Orsinium is a completely different chapter in ESO that a lot of people are raving about. It’s independent of the main game and is its own thing, which is really nice.

Thieves’ Guild and Dark Brotherhood are the projected DLCs for next year. I’m excited AF.


I should probably check out Orsinium. I understand it has content for all levels.

I do hope they release some DLCs for those guilds next year. I think once the Justice System is fully implemented then the game will be in a really good place.


I honestly have no idea. It’s been a while since I played so I will have to check it out. If I’m not already in the Dominion I will roll a toon there.


Oo. I have a couple tons in the 20s to 30s. Not sure what alliance they are on. I had stopped playing as I didn’t have a group to roll with but would be excited to get back into it


Are all you gents who are replying talking about playing on PS4?


Hopefully lol


We have 20 members! Just need 30 more for in-guild trading


Maybe I’ll come join your dirty AD guild.