[Strats] is now offering bounties on most needed resources



In an effort to help incentivize guild progression, the guild is now buying materials at the guild territory in Brazier Bend. We are offering ~50% market value as it’s impractical to pay full price with our low tax rate, but we’re hoping this will help everyone understand our biggest needs and provide them with a silver reward for assisting the guild. The purchase requests will change as our needs change, so check back often :wink:

Please don’t take this to mean that the listed materials are all we need; we can pretty much always use everything. Over the last few days we’ve started seeing a nice influx of materials to allow us to progress forward, so please don’t sit on materials just because we aren’t paying for them when you come around; behavior like that will only hold us back more as we can’t be buying everything all the time.

Note: Those possessing withdraw permissions on guild materials chests will face harsh punishment for withdrawing materials and selling them back to the guild (likely immediate expulsion from the guild on first offense); don’t troll the system, please.