Strats Movie Night?


I was thinking we could “watch” a movie together over the internet. Anyone interested?

Legally gray areas and you

Sorta like a drive-in movie? But everyone parks their browsers instead?


I’d be down.


Yep except it doesn’t cost gas, and you bring your own snacks.


How would this work?


Private streaming service. 1 person watches the movie and streams it for the rest of us.


Sounds cool, I’m interested


Strats Science Theater 9001

Edit: I would totally be down


This is a neat idea. I streamed Donnie Darko while attempting no-death Contra runs a couple months ago. What service would be used to set up a private stream?


This is an awesome idea. I’m down!


I think this could be quite fun. Now should the person in charge of streaming pick the movies all the time and we can all show up if we are interested (like going to a theater :wink: ) or should we take polls and votes and all kindsa stuff and pick some movies for the future streamings?


I’m figuring polls, however if Pulp Fiction is not shown withiin the first 3 months, I am rioting.


Polls/lottery 1 classic 1 new 1 random From what I have seen this system works best to give everyone a fair shot and express popular opinion. For example guardians of the galaxy pulp fiction and Mongol.


How romantic! Jk


I might be able to set something up on my RTMP server. I am a bit concerned with the legalities though…


I mean honestly if we’re streaming from a site that streams movies, the legalites are kinda out the window already.


I was going to stream it. Streaming movies to my friends is perfectly legal as long as I own a actually legal copy of the movie. Your my friend right?


It’s more in the gray area (I had to be pretty brushed up on copyright laws in the military) and were it to go to court (for some crazy reason) I’d bet against you.


I agree it’s still kind of grey, but then again how much do they really care? You may very well be right auth that it might go against me, but since it’s legally grey I doubt much punishment would come into play. They would go for bigger fish, than us if they decided for some weird reason to pursue. I don’t see it as any different then I owning a dvd, and you guys sitting on my couch.


That is my concern. It would be one thing if it was just you streaming to a friend… But, when it is presented as an official Strats function it might draw more negative attention.

It is kinda like that little fender bender in the store parking lot, at first there are no problems and no one is hurt… then they realize they got bumped by and UPS truck and everyone has whiplash (even the cashiers inside the store)

I hate to be a downer on something that sound like fun…But I look out for the community as a whole, that same way I look out for each of you individually.