[Strats] Official Guild Crafters and Refiners



The following is a list of the official guild crafters and refiners. These individuals should be handling all crafting/refining they are able to progress from in order to better-equip the guild. We utilized a spreadsheet to discern who was best suited to these rolls; if you did not fill out the spreadsheet which has been posted multiple times in during guild meetings, in Mumble, Discord, and on the forums, you have thus far displayed an inability to effectively communicate with the leadership and, resultingly, are not being considered for these critical guild roles. As the upcoming patch and further adjustments to the Destiny Board happen, we will continue to iterate this list.

The player names listed are mains, even if it’s an alt that can refine/craft. For example, TooHard has multiple refining alts, but I’m listing TooHard so you have the highest likelihood of getting in touch with the player you need.

#Guild Refiners
Progression on refining works on multiple tiers below the actual refining level of a player. Someone attempting to learn T7 refining, for example, receives fame progression from T5 and T6 refining. If a refiner will not benefit from the fame of refining something, you are welcome to refine it; if they will get progression, you need to provide that material to them so they can continue to advance our guild. The listing will include the highest tier the refiner can work with; they are entitled to refine that tier and the tier below it for progression.

If you would like the materials back for your own crafting endeavors and such, you need only get with them and explain that situation, but you are responsible for providing all assets needed for that refine (e.g. T3 planks and T4 logs to refine T4 logs). Those found not supporting these efforts will be reprimanded.

##Official Refiners:

  • Auth - T6


  • TooHard - T4.2, T4.3
  • Rakka - T5


  • Valkyr - T5.2
  • TooHard - T5, T4.3


  • Fiddler - T4.3
  • Kellock93 - T5

(still gathering information)

  • Airwalker

#Guild Crafters