Strats' PC/Console Warzone

Only 2 rules in here:

  1. Keep it light-hearted; defend your system(s) with honor but without being a raging asshole
  2. Make your opposition cry :wink:

Continuing the discussion from Game of the Year 2014:

Seeing as I haven’t played much of anything the last several days and I don’t own Dragon Age, you must have me confused with someone else :wink:

Let me set the record straight:

  • I love my PS4 and I’ve owned every PlayStation that’s come out
  • I’m between PC games (well, I am playing Prismata)
  • I’m playing with the community, who have vastly migrated to console for the time being with all the recent releases

With all that in mind:

  • Keyboard/mouse > console controller. Always. No exceptions.


I think I was quoting @PittInjury with the statements above, but I’ll have at this.

How easy are those shoryukens and hadoukens on a keyboard? For realz, because I’ve never tried. I use my gamepad plugged into my PC.

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I got here as fast as I could. Don’t worry everyone, I have the cream for anyone that takes it too far.


Rereading the thread, I see where my confusion happened; I was doing about 12 things at once when I went past it. Nonetheless, I must defend my brother!

Fighting games are hardly worthy of the glory of PC because it’s a peasant game for a peasant system made by peasant developers who have no idea how to handle the greatness of a keyboard, mechanically; they view it as a tool to design with, an assessment that’s as simplistic as the consoles they aspire to code for.

That said, I want to say that a friend of mine played a fighting game that allowed for the binding of the down/right, etc. keys and was pretty damn brutal on keyboard.

It can be a necessary evil when you’re working with such a technically inferior game; you will not be judged (overly harsh).

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This is similar to the Mac vs. PC arguments. I tell those people the same thing I tell the PC vs. Console people: I use what works.

I’m a gamer. I like to play video games and I want devices that offer the least resistance to that agenda. This has slowly lead me further down the console path (specifically, PlayStation 4). Having said that, I do really enjoy building PCs and tinkering with hardware. It seems like more and more that’s going to be building streaming and recording boxes instead of all out gaming machines. That’s interesting to me.



Banana Directional Controller
Your move consoles


I don’t have a reason to knock consoles, but I do have a reason to prefer my PC.

That is that when a new gen of consoles comes out, I can just spend 100-200 bucks on a new GPU instead of 400-600 on the new console. Not to mention, thousands of Indie, F2P, Early Access, and more games on top of the big releases on things like Steam, Green Man, and Humble Bundles.

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Multiplayer is definitely better on the pc, I say. The reaction time is less and you always need to have your browser open side by side to refer info for maps, matchups, crafting, dungeons and all that stuff. Plus if you’re playing multiplayer on the PS4, the chat box is dead. Feels like you’re playing all alone.

And it’s not about which is mightier, the gamepad or the mouse, you can plug in either to the ps4 and the pc.

I think what it all comes down to for me is choice.

Using PC I can choose from any non-exclusive game that I want to play. Saying this really has no meaning because of the sheer scope of this statement, again it boils down to choice, I can do almost anything with my PC.

With a PC I have nearly any choice I want to make.

I have purchased a razer controller for my PC that has a super long cord, this allows me to play things that are on Steam BigPictiure using a controller if I so choose. I may even try the SteamOS and have the PC boot directly into it when I want to play Steam games.

I don’t like paying to be walled off from things I want to do. When I had a xbox I modded the hell out of it, when I had a wii I modded it too…I wanted to mod my PS3 but it was pretty involved so I gave up on that.

With a PC, I build it and then do whatever the hell I want to do to it.

When consoles start offering that, I think they will be in a much better position in my mind.

All the above being said…

The ONLY console I have considered buying for a game has always been a nintendo console.

Not sure I agree with all of these points. I do just fine with one monitor and no browser open.

And there’s less of a need for a chat box on consoles because “chatting” is actually much easier. Consoles provide you with a basic headset/mic with purchase of the system. That’s certainly not standard with a motherboard. It does not require that you have various 3rd party applications (TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Mumble, Raidcall, etc) in order to talk with your teammates.

On top of that, you don’t have to keep up with individual IPs/servers in order to connect with people; you’re generally dropped into a chat channel with your team when you join the game.

Well voice chat on consoles may be easier to use than PC…but does that make it better? I use Curse, Vent, Mumble and they all have advantages and disadvantages over consoles. If we are playing some shooter multiplayer in mumble on PC and someone wants to join they can just jump into out channel and ask us instead of spamming invites or messages. Or if a group just wants to chat while playing a game such as Skyrim or Dragon Age it is much easier to do with channels since there isn’t a leader and people can come and go as they please.

All in all, it comes down to each person and what they want from a platform. But do not, anyone, ever tell me a console is better than a PC/Mac! Consoles are an entire generation behind PC’s and it will always be that way(unless Steam machines actually become a thing, then we will all most likely be on the same page).

Also, steam sales. Enough said. :smiley:

To be fair, this is solved by PlayStation parties.

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There are now two AI’s in here with opinions on the matter :wink:


Well I can’t argue with that, but I can still pull out the Steam Card :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the fail safe in these type of debates.


Hail GabeN!

The only way to shop steam ahem

Don’t forget about :smile: