Strats podcast?


So I didn’t want to necro the old thread, since it was from like October of last year. But did we ever do a Strats podcast?

I think doing something like a podcast would be great, could cover the topics such as:

  • what’s new in Strats(users, features, and general updates)
  • what’s new in gaming(news and such)
  • Strats streaming team(what have the Strats streamers been up to)
  • upcoming things to watch out for
  • closing thoughts, ideas, and remarks

I think a content list like that would be at least an hour to a hour and a half at least. Which if someone streamed it, would be perfect.

Thoughts? I know you covered this before @vocino but not sure where we ended up. There was a lot of material to read on the old thread and I didn’t know if the material was relevant anymore.

Ready, Set, Pwn! - A Podcast Idea

I’d be up for being on an update podcast. I’ve been co-host on podcasts and live videos before, and I’ve got a Blue Snowball I can use to record my end of the audio. I may not have time to be on it every episode, but could be a co-host from time to time.


After we had mulled over the topic for a few weeks… We had determined that there just was not enough content to support a weekly Podcast. I think that will change over time ( we are closer now then we were then). There was also some talk about sponsoring a podcast or two…


When there wasn’t enough content, was the podcast going to cover a very specific portion of gaming? I think there’s enough content just in one of the more popular games like Minecraft to do a weekly podcast.


I guess it depends on the vision strats has for a podcast, I mean just doing gaming news every week would be enough content.

But if they want to keep it more strats related than there might not be enough content. When I listen to podcasts I don’t really look at the topics moreover the personalities on the show. I think that’s a major thing for most people.


Doing a Podcast is still something that I’m very excited about. It may well be time to revisit the subject…


we could just gather people each week from different areas of the gaming spectrum strats has. like If i joined in, I would talk Destiny, what’s new, what people have been up to, what future plans are, etc. etc.


A Strats Podcast would have to be a polished, high quality production. We would have to consider do we really have enough content from week to week? What would the time investment be? Is there an audience? Etc.j

Edit: I did not intend to kill the conversation. :confused:




You all have convinced me. :slight_smile: I’m going to reopen the Strats Podcast project. I’ll have more information on it in the coming days.