Strats Public Library

#Strats Public Library
I’m not an expert builder, but I had an idea to build a Great Library of sorts that would have tons of bookshelves and enchantment tables throughout. Preferably stone with pillars and dark wood interiors. All great cities need a place of knowledge, right?

##Build Team

  • primantine

##Requested Location and Size
Most libraries are in a central part of the city. Somewhere close to the town square/main street, in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city life. It’s a rough guess, but i would imagine a 30x40 or 40x50 plot would be sufficient for a building of this size.

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This sounds really cool, I actually had an idea that might work nicely in conjunction with this. I’m on mobile right now, but I’d love to share it with you and see if we can incorporate it if you’re up for it :wink:

Would you mind applying the format found in this post to the OP? You can basically just copy-paste the top part and it will do all the formatting, you just have to plug in the information.

Also, feel free to wander around the Strats Region and let me know if you see a spot you’d like to build this beauty on :wink:

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I would really like your input. I will be online later tonight after work. Prob around 8pm (ET).

I’m also building the great library once I finish chambord (which will sadly take a while). I could scrap the library since I’m busy, and help you when I find the time.

Oh, if you already have plans to build one that’s fine with me. I can assist you with that build if you like.

I had plans for to build the great library, but as I said I’m quite busy. You should go ahead and start working on it once you made a plan.