Strats Radio in Discord!


WWHHAAATTTT! That’s right.


Strats Radio is rocking in the Strats Radio voice channel in Discord. To play songs and vote on skips, etc. join the #radio channel.


!play <song link>

!play <song text to search for>

Add a song to the queue, or add the first youtube result for the provided search text.

  • <song link> A link to some song. Links are not limited to youtube
    • Example: !play
  • or…
  • <song text to search for> Some search query you want the bot to look up on youtube.
    • Example: !play I ran seagulls will play I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls.


Prints the bot’s current queue in chat.


Prints the currently playing song in the chat.


Vote to skip the current song, or if you’re the owner, skip the current song.

Skip settings may vary, but the two conditions are either a static number of votes required, or a percent of undefeaned users in voice chat. These values are set by the owner, and the bot will announce how many votes are required to skip when the command is used. As previously stated, the owner can skip at any time.

!search [service] [number] <query>

Interactively search for a video to add to the queue. The bot will look up number videos and prompts the user to accept or deny each video. This command times out after 30 seconds, and has a hard limit of 10 max search items.

  • [service] Optionally specify a service to search for videos on. The default is youtube, but it can be any of the following (the short ones are abbreviations):
    • youtube, soundcloud, yahoo, or yt, sc, yh if you don’t want to type the whole thing.
  • [number] Optionally specify a number of video results to prompt. The default is 3 and is limited to 10, althought this may be increased in the future.


Shuffles the queue.


Clears the queue.


Pauses the playback of the current song.


Resumes playback of a paused song.


DMs the user their permissions on the server. Helpful for figuring out what they can and can’t do without spamming every command to see if it works.



Just liked for that Spears gif :stuck_out_tongue:


sweet…nice to chill and listen to some music.


Here’s last night’s report. Notice the dip when you Americans are asleep :slight_smile:

PS: Shout out to @xploz1on for the idea for this experiment!


Pretty Good.

So the bot will stop to random play music while no one is in the channel. I was under the impression it will step out if channel was empty after some time. Maybe i read the code wrong.

Looks like there will be a way to add in ads.


@xploz1on that’s correct, it doesn’t leave the channel but it stops auto playing (and using our bandwidth) if no one else is in there.


Having fired it up while at work today, I’ve been jamming to the music for about 30 minutes now. But… don’t want to use too much of that bandwidth.


Worry not @lyteforce


This is a damn nifty little add on, just being able to type in a song instead of having to go look it up myself is really cool. The random play could use some rock and roll in it though. I can’t really just leave it on in the background as the music makes me want to jam pencils in my ears.


This is amazing and by defualt there are some pretty good songs… until Avril Laveign started playing lmao