Strats recruitment post 12.30.14

I put up the post for this weeks recruitment. First time so let me know if I did anything improperly.

Here is the post

upvote when you can

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You linked to the post directly. The up votes won’t count :frowning:

Fixed, but that said, since we can only post once a week in most subreddits we try to do it on Friday to sync up with other games we’re playing and give us one master thread to support. It fell through the cracks last week because of the holidays, but we’re (read: I’m) pretty good about getting it up each week :wink:

Ya and I am going away tomorrow so wasn’t sure if I would have time on Friday. I will have to learn how to link it properly

It’s no worries. Whenever you’re unavailable, just let your clan lead know or pass it along to me and we’ll make sure it gets handled :wink: