Strats SAGA, Chapter 1: Guns of Icarus Online (PC)

For those who don’t know what’s going on here, this should shed some light on the situation :wink:


Guns of Icarus Online (Steam, Humble, GreenmanGaming) was the first title I ever played with Strats (and the first title I streamed) making it a fitting start to our SAGA. Back then Strats was much smaller, comprised merely of an ESO guild and a handful of spunky, bored people waiting to tackle WildStar. In the time between the open beta and launch, several of us got into Guns; it’s time to return to the skies. The gameplay is intuitive and wonderfully team-based. A quick playthrough of the tutorials and you’re hot to trot. Levels don’t give any advantages, so don’t fret if it’s something you decide to pick up to participate.

We’ll set sail at 1700 EDT on Saturday, 18 October. The format will be determined based on the turnout; see you in the air :wink:

Chapter 1 - The Lonely Skies

The air was stagnant, hot. Grease and oil mixed with the open desert air, creating an interesting bastard in the nostrils of @Auth, the engineer. This ship was unfamiliar, her crew unknown, and yet it was in them he placed his faith. In the distance, another foreign vessel hung suspended in the sky, patiently awaiting its master’s bidding. There had been a tactical discussion of sorts before they embarked; another engineer on the crew had been discussing the pros and cons of the ship’s design with the captain. As the engagement began, it was difficult to tell who was right, but there was no doubt mistakes had been made. The battle was unkind, a most decisive defeat: 1 to 5. The afternoon continued on in similar fashion.

Some time later, when hope was all but lost, The Winston Churchill, a Pyramidion-class vessel captained by the Emperor @DracoIsmenium, pulled into dock, looking for crew; the weary engineer was happy to oblige. 5 to 0: a right beating. The glory, however, was short-lived. The next several battles saw sound defeat and the Emperor, refusing to let his pride get the best of him, cut his losses and sailed off; the engineer was alone again.

Through the rest of the day there were victories and defeats alike, but one fact stuck with him, had always stuck with him, and he’d never forget it until the day he was unfit to sail: Greased Rounds are OP.

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Perhaps @DracoIsmenium will grace us with his presence for this.

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Probably not, he’s too scared of the Trogdor :wink:

Funny you should mention that, I would seem to be free on Saturday for some good ol flyin in the sky

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Mid-week bump; see you lot on Saturday :wink:

Woop, I’m doing some promotion for this event. Looking forward to it!


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