Strats SAGA, Chapter 2: The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4)

For those who don’t know what’s going on here, this should shed some light on the situation :wink:


This is a game I picked up way too close to Destiny’s release. I’ve played through a good chunk of the story (I decided the only real way to play it was on the new “grounded” difficulty, so I have a bit left for obvious reasons) and absolutely fell in love with the multiplayer, which is what we’ll be doing. The format is always small team skirmish with a couple different spins on it. What I truly love about it, however, is the intensity. Hands down, it’s the most (pleasantly) stressful gameplay I’ve ever played. The unique, individual story they built into it is a breath of fresh air as well; it’s a new take on the entire experience to me and it kept me coming back over and over once I’d tried it out. There’s also the added bonus that I can’t get quick-scoped by a lone wolf; team play and strategy are paramount to success. I know a few of you have it and, since several of us are participating in the Extra Life Gameday, I figured it’d give everyone something other than Destiny to play (if only for a little while ;))

We’ll start trying to protect and grow our clans at 1700 EDT on Saturday, 25 October; bring your will to live :wink:


@wxqie might be down for this

This sounds like fun. I just recently picked up the Last of Us for PS4 (I played through it on PS3 but never touched the multiplayer). You make a convincing argument to try out the online features…

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Calling it a blast is an understatement :wink:

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I just requested The Last of Us via Gamefly, I’ve never used this service before so I’m not sure I’ll get it by Saturday. If it comes in you can count me in. Thanks @spectrum21 for the idea.

Mid-week reminder bump :wink:

My copy of The Last of Us came in today via USPS care of Game Fly! I plan on being apart of this tomorrow!


–60 minute warning–

Go time people :wink: