Strats Schedule of Events?

Would it be advantageous for us to have a “Strats Schedule of Events” stickied to the top of the forum? My reasoning is that I forget what each activity is on every day of the week.


@PittInjury: I think this would be an awesome addition to the future Strats podcast! Listing what night is for GTA, Destiny raids, when DAMP night is, etc.

yes it would be helpful to me too

This is a project currently under development. I am glad to hear that it is still a wanted item!


I think this is a good idea too. It helps me better prepare for the week if I know when things are I want to attend. Sometimes stuff catches me off guard and I didn’t set aside time for it.

+1 for this idea as well. Glad to know it’s a feature in development. Would be awesome to know what’s going on, and when.

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May be time to do this…

This concept has been toyed with as well. I think at this point we are so close to having a product tailored to StratsCo it just makes since to hold out for it.

I added google calendar support --months-- a month ago and posted in the Staff category about it but no one did anything with it, just FYI. :dickbutt:


Wait, confused… We do have a Google calendar or no. The way Tommy explained it sounds like we did but don’t now?

We do. You can currently post a link to a Google Calendar and it will embed it in the thread.


What we need at this point is a shared Google Calendar, likely hosted on the Google Apps account that others can edit and add events to.

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I ate my brain. I remembered that @Vocino had put this together, I for some reason thought we shelfed it. I should have researched before I responded.

Boy I wish my calendar was that empty :sadgumball:

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Am I the only one that sees a giant white space in @Vocino’s post?


I did at first, but I see it now…

I see only white space as well

Sorry, the calendar I posted is not public so it won’t work for everyone. But the embedding does work. I don’t have time to post an example to prove it right now. Maybe when I get home.

Edit: Can everyone see this calendar?

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I can.

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Yes! I can see it.

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