Strats Secret Robot Santa Exchange 2018


Welcome to the round 4 of our annual Secret Robot Santa exchange!

Below you should find all the information you need to join in the fun. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment on the thread or PM me directly. Let’s get to it!

Sign Up

Signups are closed! (link remains for convenience)

Dates & Guidelines

  • Registration starts now!
  • Names will be drawn on November 30th
    • Please use your forum name so I know who is who!
  • Ship your stuff by December 14th
  • Don’t sign up if you don’t plan to send something to your match. That is a really shitty thing to do.
  • There is no set spending limit as we feel that makes people think they have to meet that limit.
  • You don’t have to buy something, you could always make something. It’s the thought and effort that makes people smile when they get something.

Lastly, we will need your real name and a good mailing address if you want to be able to receive physical stuff from Amazon, etc. The coolest stuff we’ve seen in the swag threads has always been physically sent, but we’ve had issues in the past where we got a mailing address but no name and the post office, work mailroom, or Amazon seller kicked the package back. If you don’t feel comfortable giving out your name and a mailing address and would instead prefer to receive a digital gift, you’ll be able to indicate that to me when the PM’s go out after the drawing.


The site we’re using has a wishlist function but it’s kinda useless since we’re not setting/expecting specific price points. Instead, just make one wishlist item that gives the person an idea of the kind of stuff you’re into. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to include things like your Steam username as well so folks can poke around that wishlist for potential ideas too.

Buying Stuff & Supporting Strats

Remember that if you use our Amazon link or our Humble Bundle Store link in the forum header, it costs you nothing and gives us some pocket change that goes directly toward keeping the servers alive. Amazon is an easy way to ship your gift to someone, and Humble Bundle’s store is an awesome way to get digital game codes for platforms like Steam while also helping out charities!

Official Swag Thread


The tradition continues!


We don’t talk about 2015 :wink:


2015 is dead to me.


Apparently dead to Santa too.



So this will be my first participation in this tradition.
Do I need to do anything as far as the drawing? Or will I just be notified automatically?


The system will notify you (or we’ll post here).


Once names are pulled you’ll get a PM from me with all the additional details you’ll need.


Whew yes I made it in time!


I’m begging yall, for the love of hades, please please add more items and descriptions and interests and options to your wishlists! Wishlistr is a great site for making wishlists to give examples and help people come up with gift ideas, but even amazon wishlists help! Some of yall just have one or two things written down, which will he really hard to gift for. :0 At least for peeps like me who wanna think through some options. Spare me! Go touch up your wishlists! :heart:


:christmas_tree: Names have been drawn; check your forum PM’s :wink: :christmas_tree:


Thanks again for setting it all up @Auth!